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Italy's budget rejected by EU - EUbusiness Week newsletter 834


EUbusiness Week 834 top stories: EU rejects Italy's draft budget for 2019; Euro-Parliament approves ban on single-use plastics; EU approves EUR 243m environment funding; New Erasmus call outlines plans for European Universities; Auditors highlight failure of EU carbon capture projects; MEPs back plans to clean up Europe's drinking water

Publisher's Note

The Commission this week rolled out its Work Programme for next year, setting out a broad range of priorities including making Europe more sustainable, tackling artificial intelligence and disinformation; also looking at how to remove remaining barriers to the Single Market, completing the Energy Union, and tackling climate change. And in a first, requesting a eurozone country to revise its draft budget plan. With Italy's debt among the highest in Europe, its deviation from plans agreed last July left no alternative: keeping sound fiscal policies and confidence is "in the interest of Italy and in the interest of the whole Euro area", says the Commission.

Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU rejects Italy's draft budget for 2019

The Commission has asked Italy to present a revised draft budgetary plan for 2019, saying the current plan is not in line with commitments presented in Italy's Stability Programme of April 2018.
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2. Euro-Parliament approves ban on single-use plastics

Single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws, balloon sticks or cotton buds, will be banned from the EU market from 2021, under plans approved by MEPs Wednesday.
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3. EU approves EUR 243m environment funding

Brussels approved funding of EUR 243 million from the EU budget Thursday for projects under the LIFE programme supporting nature, the environment and quality of life.
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4. New Erasmus call outlines plans for European Universities

Plans for the Erasmus+ youth education programme published Wednesday and set to be funded to the tune of EUR 3 billion, include a network of European Universities.
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5. Auditors highlight failure of EU carbon capture projects

EU action to support carbon capture and storage and innovative renewables has not succeeded, according to a report published by the European Court of Auditors.
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6. MEPs back plans to clean up Europe's drinking water

Parliament backed plans Tuesday to improve consumers� trust in drinking water from the tap, which is much cheaper and cleaner for the environment compared to bottled water.
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Ballet contracts: an Italian ballerina won her case at the EU Court of Justice Thursday when it ruled that workers in the opera and orchestral sectors cannot be excluded from protection against abuse of fixed-term employment contracts.
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