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Italy off to green start - EUbusiness Week newsletter 668


EUbusiness Week 668 top stories: European Parliament meets after anti-EU surge; Putin says Europe 'natural partner', slams US; EU rubbishes waste in drive for green growth; Eurozone growth stalls, deflation threatens; Bulgaria scrambles to stop bank run after EU OKs aid; Google hit by 70,000 'right to be forgotten' requests

Publisher's Note

Italy took over at the EU's helm on 1 July, trumpeting growth as the main objective of its presidency. Much of it will be green, and the Commission this week kicked off with a new policy package that pushes for higher recycling targets and a virtual total elimination of landfill.

The next six months will also see moves towards more green jobs, better air quality, a new climate and energy framework and reform of the carbon market. The green economy will play a key role in increasing Europe's global competitiveness. The goal is not just a reshaping of the labour market, it is a reshaping of Europe's economy.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. European Parliament meets after anti-EU surge

The European Parliament on Tuesday held its first session since the elections marked by a dismal turnout and the unprecedented rise of anti-EU parties determined to dismantle the bloc from within.
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2. Putin says Europe 'natural partner', slams US

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday described the conflict in Ukraine as the culmination of Western efforts to contain Russia and sought to play Moscow's "natural partner" Europe against the United States.
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3. EU rubbishes waste in drive for green growth

The EU wants to ban the dumping of all recyclable rubbish in landfill sites as part of a social and economic revolution to re-use, repair and recycle.
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4. Eurozone growth stalls, deflation threatens

Europe's fragile recovery is stalling, a batch of economic data showed this week, with analysts warning that France, with the eurozone's second-biggest economy, could be slipping into another downturn.
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5. Bulgaria scrambles to stop bank run after EU OKs aid

Bulgaria on Monday sought to reassure savers its beleaguered banking system was "functioning normally" after Brussels stepped in to stop a run on two lenders turning into a full-blown crisis.
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6. Google hit by 70,000 'right to be forgotten' requests

More than 70,000 people have already asked Google to delete links about them under Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling, with some of the world biggest news sites the first to be hit.
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Tobacco: tobacco giant Philip Morris International says it will contest new rules on tobacco sales at the Court of Justice of the European Union.
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EU court annuls asset freeze on ex Syria minister
Latest news from the European Court of Justice
EU Law Firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Presidency: Italy's popular new premier, Matteo Renzi, has likened the European Union to a "tired" and "bored selfie" whose greatest challenge was to "find its soul".
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Greece says EU presidency proves it is 'normal'
EU preparing new Russia sanctions, but no decision yet
Britain and Cameron in EU danger zone, say experts
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Commission Watch

Juncker: Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday that Britain must work with new Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker, as he faced MPs to explain his failure to stop the EU insider winning the post.
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Commissioner criticises Italy for lax refugee processing
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Parliament Watch

President: German Social-Democrat Martin Schulz has been re-elected to head the European Parliament following the elections that saw scores of anti-EU MEPs enter the 751-seat assembly.
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Parliament vote on Juncker set for July 15
In their first plenary after the elections, MEPs debated the new Italian presidency's priorities and the previous Greek presidency's achievements - such as progress on monetary union, jobs and growth, border and migration management and EU maritime policies. In a debate on the EU summit, most group leaders said that EU policy-making must heed the call for change made in the elections.
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EU diary

7 Jul: Commission Directive on working time of inland waterway workers
8 Jul: Economic and Financial Affairs Council
9 Jul: Commission Recommendation on online gambling
9 Jul: Horizon 2020: Public-private innovation partnerships launch calls
The Week Ahead
Long-term diary

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China's trade policies still too opaque: WTO members 3-Jul
Vodafone gets EU greenlight for Spanish Ono takeover 3-Jul
EU boosts telecom tie-ups, clears deal for E-Plus 3-Jul
Eurozone unemployment falls, but pace slows 2-Jul
Eurozone loans to private sector still contracting 30-Jun
Croatia fails to reap fruits year after joining EU 29-Jun

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Circular economy must focus on world's land and water
Sustainable buildings' initiative does not deal with builders' main challenges
Implementation of Green Action Plan for SMEs risks to fail
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Media and Public Relations Officer, The platform of European Social NGOs
Communications & Project Officer, Forest-based Sector Technology Platform
Director, Protocol Service, European Commission
Secretary-General, European Potato Trade Association
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18 Jul, Madrid: Energy and Environment Research
27 Aug, Berlin: International Symposium on Open Collaboration
28 Aug, Vienna: International Conference on E-Business
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The Euro Crisis and Its Aftermath
Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future (Kindle Edition)
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