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Helping SMEs to press on - EUbusiness Week newsletter 773


EUbusiness Week 773 top stories: EU states fall short in implementing environment laws; Aviation emissions: EU revises Emission Trading System; EU agrees deal to access online films and TV while abroad; Dieselgate: MEPs tighten EU car 'type approval' rules; Brussels fines car battery recycling cartel EUR 68m

Publisher's Note

A new Commission-funded initiative launched this week with the aim of helping businesses, in particular smaller firms, to operate internationally. Business Beyond Borders organises matchmaking events around the world and brings businesses together, helping them to internationalise.

The initiative reminds us that whatever Brexit or Trump choose to throw at us, business retains an age-old desire to press on, form new partnerships and find new opportunities, wherever they may be, and whatever the political climate.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU states fall short in implementing environment laws

States are falling short in implementing EU environmental laws in areas such as waste management, air quality and water management, the Commission said on Monday.
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2. Aviation emissions: EU revises Emission Trading System

Following an agreement by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) the EU is set to amend its Emissions Trading System to tackle CO2 emissions from planes.
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3. EU agrees deal to access online films and TV while abroad

EU citizens will be able use their subscriptions to online music, games, films and TV shows while travelling abroad under new rules informally agreed Tuesday by Parliament and Council negotiators.
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4. Dieselgate: MEPs tighten EU car 'type approval' rules

The EU Parliament's Internal Market committee amended EU car 'type approval' rules Thursday, in a drive to prevent a recurrence of the VW emissions scandal and make environmental and safety testing more independent.
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5. Brussels fines car battery recycling cartel EUR 68m

The Commission fined Campine, Eco-Bat Technologies and Recylex a total of EUR 68 million Thursday for fixing prices for purchasing scrap automotive batteries, in breach of EU antitrust rules.
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Misleading ads: the European Court of Justice on Wednesday ruled against inaccurate and misleading advertising practices which compare prices between shops while using different formats and sizes.
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Latest news from the European Court of Justice
EU law firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Structural reforms support programme - European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 - Last step to end roaming fees - Portability of digital content services - Schengen prolongation of internal border controls - European Public Prosecutor's Office
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Commission Watch

Portability of online content services - relations with The Gambia - Structural Reform Support Programme - car battery recycling cartel - transport investment - Relocation and Resettlement - European Solidarity Corps - implementation of European environmental policy - Investment Plan for Europe - Circular Economy - EU Citizenship Report
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Parliament Watch

Car emissions scandal - EU job-search aid - voluntary EU help scheme for growth-enhancing reforms - Robots take over the Parliament - Accessing online films and TV while abroad - EU-Russia relations
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EU diary

13-16 Feb: European Parliament plenary session
14 Feb: Comitology proposals
14 Feb: Collaborative economy in tourism accommodation
15 Feb: Commission adopts its monthly infringements package
16 Feb: sectoral skills alliances call - online info day
16-17 Feb: Policy recommendations for opening up education
17 Feb: Education, Youth, Culture & Sport Council
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Long-term diary


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Membership & Capacity-Building Officer, European Patients Forum
Legal Support Officer, European Banking Authority
Director for EU Affairs, Danish Shipowners' Association
Administrative director, EUROJUST
Climate justice and energy campaigner, Friends of the Earth Europe
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CETA hands legislative reins to lobbyists, new report shows
Cloned bulls and the implications of CETA
Regulators can play key role in making Europe leader in Tech
Auto industry expects stable market in 2017
European citizens' initiative to ban glyphosate
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Relocation and Resettlement - 9th progress report
European Disability Strategy 2010-2020
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8 Mar, Brussels: Future Sky Safety public workshop
28 Mar, Brussels: 7th Convention on Co-operative Banks
27 Apr, London: GDPR Conference Europe
9 May, Utrchet: Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture
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Europe's Obesity Challenge - ECIPE Policy Brief
Implementation of European Disability Strategy (2010 - 2020)
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Environmental Implementation Review


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