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Europe's EUR 63bn app boom - EUbusiness Week newsletter 648


EUbusiness Week 648 top stories: EU urges crisis-hit Ukraine to adopt 'urgent' reforms; Swiss vote to curb EU migrants sparks warnings; New GM corn gets controversial EU go-ahead; EU sets new course on Cuba; EU to suspend Zimbabwe sanctions: source; Chanel No. 5 at stake as EU sniffs out allergens?

Publisher's Note

From zero to digital superhero is how the Commission describes the performance of the app sector over the last 5 years. Its report forecasts it could employ some 4.8m people by 2018 and contribute EUR 63 bn to the EU's economy. The good news is that this is an area where Europe is close to taking a global lead. Currently, EU and North American developers generate the same levels (42% each) of app revenues in EU and US markets.

While the future appears bright, benefiting jobs and growth, there are concerns that the skills gap, connectivity and fragmentation could put the app boom at risk. Commissioner Neelie Kroes warns that completion of the telecom single market is essential if these concerns are to be addressed.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. EU urges crisis-hit Ukraine to adopt 'urgent' reforms

Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele in Kiev Thursday called on Ukraine to take "urgent steps" to form a new government and reform the constitution, key opposition demands.
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EU relations facing 'moment of truth' over Ukraine: Russia

2. Swiss vote to curb EU migrants sparks warnings

Switzerland's knife-edge decision to curb immigration from the EU raises major problems, Germany warned Monday, as Swiss authorities moved to limit the damage to ties with the Union.
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Swiss immigration vote impact on EU ties

3. New GM corn gets controversial EU go-ahead

A new genetically modified corn, US firm Pioneer's TC1507, won EU approval in controversial fashion Tuesday after a large majority of Member States failed to block it.
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4. EU sets new course on Cuba

The European Union set its ties with Cuba on a fresh course Monday, opting to launch political talks with Havana while keeping an eye on political reform and human rights.
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5. EU to suspend Zimbabwe sanctions: source

The Union is ready to suspend most of its remaining sanctions against Zimbabwe but President Robert Mugabe and his wife will remain blacklisted, says an EU diplomatic source.
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6. Chanel No. 5 at stake as EU sniffs out allergens?

Europe's perfume houses and organic cosmetic newcomers may be looking at a major clean-out as the EU sniffs out ingredients blamed for skin allergies in up to 15 million people.
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ECB bond-buying: Germany's top court has voiced doubts about the European Central Bank's bond-buying programme, credited with calming the eurozone crisis, and is sending the case to the European Court of Justice.
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Slovenian Euro-MP sentenced over bribery sting
Judge who arrested Ukraine protesters killed: ministry
Latest Court of Justice judgements
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Ukraine: EU foreign ministers on Monday reiterated offers of assistance to Ukraine - but only to a new reforming government - and stopped short of any immediate threat of sanctions.
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Cuba cautiously welcomes EU's new approach on ties
France in race to find troops for EU Central Africa mission
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Commission Watch

Turkey: the Commission has hailed Turkey's support for the latest talks on a Cyprus settlement and welcomed its progress as a candidate member country in meeting EU standards.
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EU to review Swiss ties after vote curbing immigration
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Parliament Watch

Israel: Israeli newspapers bristled Thursday after Parliament president Martin Schultz criticised the Gaza Strip blockade and suggested that Israelis received four times more water than Palestinians.
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Eurosceptic Farage hails 'wonderful' Swiss immigration vote
Catalonia, Scotland, Venice? Italian party eyes autonomy
World Cup can improve 'appalling' Qatar rights record: FIFA
In committee this week, MEPS urged the EU to keep its cautionary approach to the approval of new products despite the US-EU trade talks; called for a jobs and social recovery plan Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Ireland; and tabled proposals to protect EU citizens' privacy with regard to NSA surveillance of EU citizens.
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EU diary

17-20 Feb, European Parliament Committee Meetings
17 Feb, Agriculture and Fisheries Council
18 Feb, Economic and Financial Affairs Council
19 Feb, Commission adopts new state aid guidelines for airports and airlines
20-21 Feb, Competitiveness Council
20 Feb, Commission to launch coastal tourism strategy
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