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EU in crisis over migrants - EUbusiness Week newsletter 714


EUbusiness Week 714 top stories: France, Germany, Italy call for reform of asylum rules; ECB cuts growth, inflation forecasts for 2015-2017; Bulgaria rejects anti-corruption bill; Belgium plans collection of travellers' data; Google rejects EU anti-trust charges as 'wrong'; Uber expands in Belgium despite bitter opposition

Publisher's Note

As we return to real life after the summer break, EU Member States disagree over how Europe should tackle its biggest migration crisis since World War II. Front-line Greece has seen 230,000 people land on its shores this year. Germany expects to take in 800,000 asylum seekers in 2015.

Europe 'cannot just get emotional' about migrants, says Italy's leader. A humanitarian and political crisis without precedent needs, as Commission vice-president Timmermans said, "European responses to a problem that cannot be resolved by countries individually."
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. France, Germany, Italy call for reform of asylum rules

Germany, France and Italy are calling for an overhaul of laws on the right of asylum and a fairer distribution of migrants throughout the European Union.
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Mogherini sees military action against migrant smugglers

2. ECB cuts growth, inflation forecasts for 2015-2017

The European Central Bank on Thursday cut its forecasts for both economic growth and inflation in the single currency area over the next few years.
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ECB could ramp up bond purchase programme if necessary

3. Bulgaria rejects anti-corruption bill

Lawmakers in Bulgaria, under EU fire over its failure to tackle corruption, have rejected a bill that would have placed thousands of top officials under closer surveillance.
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4. Belgium plans collection of travellers' data

Belgium has unveiled plans for a controversial system to collect data on all airline passengers, as well as international train and ferry travellers, in the wake of the foiled attack on a train running between Belgium and Paris.
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5. Google rejects EU anti-trust charges as 'wrong'

US Internet search giant Google has rejected accusations by EU anti-trust regulators that it illegally abuses its market dominance, in its first formal reaction to allegations by Brussels earlier this year.
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6. Uber expands in Belgium despite bitter opposition

US-based taxi app Uber is expanding its service in Brussels despite growing opposition by traditional cab drivers who plan a major protest in Europe's capital later this month.
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Ukrainian filmmaker: the EU has sharply criticised Russia for the jailing of Ukrainian filmmaker and Kremlin critic Oleg Sentsov, calling it a violation of international law.
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Russia: the EU looks set to extend sanctions for another six months against Ukrainian and Russian figures accused of backing pro-Moscow rebels fighting for independence.
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Tsipras still has the edge in pro-euro Greece
Migrant crisis could complicate Britain's EU reform push
Ministers call for more train patrols, named tickets
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Commission Watch

Cuba: the EU and Cuba have made good progress in normalisation talks but getting an accord this year, the stated aim of both sides, may prove difficult.
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Serbia and Kosovo hail 'landmark' agreements
EU pledges EUR 450m for Ebola recovery in west Africa
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Parliament Watch

Cameron: British Prime Minister David Cameron is to be invited to address a special session of the Parliament on his planned referendum on Britain's EU membership.
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Romania bends to EU and IMF on fiscal reform
This week, EP committees determined their positions on the EU's 2016 Budget; and Agriculture MEPs opposed national bans on imports of GM food and feed.
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EU diary

7 Sep: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
7-10 Sep: European Parliament plenary session
7 Sep: Beyond Ebola, helping children rebuild their lives
8 Sep: Social pact for sustainable finance
9 Sep: Nanotechnology for a competitive chemical industry
10-11 Sep: Road transport & emissions modelling workshop
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