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EU as a global player - EUbusiness Week newsletter 830

EUbusiness Week 830 top stories: 'State of Union' speech focuses on migration issues; 1-hour deadline for terrorist content under new EU rules; Brussels moves to end seasonal clock changes in Europe; MEPs' copyright changes put pressure on tech giants; Air pollution causes 400,000 premature deaths in EU; September switch-off for halogen light bulbs in Europe

Publisher's Note

Welcome back after what seems like a long summer break. Nice while it lasted, with Brexit, the rise of racism and the far-right and the inanity of Trump almost a bad dream. With eight months to go before the European elections, Commission president Juncker used his 'state of the Union' address mainly to outline plans for a tougher migration policy. But against the backdrop of an ever more uncertain world, his strongest message was that stronger European sovereignty was the best response to the 'poison' of nationalism, with Europe becoming a genuine 'global player'.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. 'State of Union' speech focuses on migration issues

Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker used his 'State of the Union' address to the European Parliament to put forward a raft of measures to tackle Europe's migration crisis.
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2. 1-hour deadline for terrorist content under new EU rules

In his address to MEPs, Commission president Juncker also outlined new rules which would get terrorist content off the web within one hour.
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3. Brussels moves to end seasonal clock changes in Europe

The Commission is proposing to end seasonal clock changes in Europe in 2019, with Member States free to decide once and for all whether they want to permanently apply summer- or wintertime.
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4. MEPs' copyright changes put pressure on tech giants

Internet tech giants including Google and Facebook could be made to monitor, filter and block internet uploads, under amendments to the draft Copyright Directive approved by the Parliament Wednesday.
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5. Air pollution causes 400,000 premature deaths in EU

Air pollution causes about 400,000 premature deaths in the EU and hundreds of billions of euros in health-related external costs, says a new report on the impact of EU action to protect human health from its effects.
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6. September switch-off for halogen light bulbs in Europe

Energy intensive and inefficient halogen light bulbs can no longer be sold across the EU as of 1 September, helping consumers save on energy bills and helping the EU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Remarriage discrimination: a Catholic hospital's dismissal of a doctor from a managerial position due to his remarriage after divorce may constitute unlawful discrimination on grounds of religion, the EU's top Court ruled Tuesday.
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Court upholds EU sanctions against Russian banks
Latest news from the European Court of Justice
EU law firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

EU prolongs sanctions over actions against Ukraine's territorial integrity until 2019 - Eurogroup meeting - Council adopts European travel information and authorisation system (ETIAS) regulation - 2019 EU budget: Council adopts its position - South Sudan: EU transposes UN Security Council resolution 2428 reinforcing sanctions - Central African Republic: military training mission expanded and extended
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Commission Watch

State of the Union speech: anti-money laundering, migration and border reform, end to seasonal clock changes, more efficient financial architecture to support investment outside the EU, new 'Africa - Europe Alliance', more efficient decision-making in Common Foreign and Security Policy, reinforced European Public Prosecutor's Office to fight cross-border terrorism, securing free and fair European elections, getting terrorist content off the web
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Parliament Watch

Joint assessment of medicines - boosting plastics recycling - dual standards of products - curbing use of antibiotics - visa requirements for Kosovars - rule of law in Hungary - killer robots - "America first" policy against EU-US partnership - Chinese investment in EU infrastructure - digital copyright rules - money laundering and terrorist financing
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EU diary

17 Sep: 1st Artic stakeholder conference
18 Sep: General Affairs Council
18 Sep: General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
18-21 Sep: EFSA�s 3rd scientific conference
18-20 Sep: 12th INSPIRE conference
19 Sep: Developments in the postal sector
20 Sep: European Day of sustainable communities
20-21 Sep: EU water conference 2018
20-21 Sep: 10th Citizen�s Energy Forum
21 Serp: Economic dimension of sport
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EU Law Firms
Summaries of EU Legislation
EU Decision-Making
Treaties of the European Union
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Other news on EUbusiness this week

MEPs demand action to meet 2020 deforestation goal 12-Sep
EU, Japan edge towards data protection deal 6-Sep
Further EU relief for drought-suffering farmers 1-Sep
Greece begins new chapter as EU bailout ends 23-Aug
EU provides Iran with EUR 18m development support 23-Aug

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UK driving licence 'may not be valid in EU' after no-deal Brexit (BBC News)


EUR 58 bn in hidden subsidies for coal, gas and nuclear
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EU Parliament flip-flops backwards on copyright
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Juncker Commission must not forget real economy in its final spurt
Future EU CO2 targets for cars and vans: auto makers sound alarm after parliament vote
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Lawyer (Course Director) in EU Financial Markets & Banking Law, Academy of European Law
Executive Director, European AIDS Treatment Group
EU Lawyer, Clean Air Project, ClientEarth
Disaster Management Officer, Red Cross EU Office
Project manager on environmental communication, ARCTIK
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Towards a new Africa - Europe Alliance
Ending seasonal clock changes - EC proposal
Reinforced European Union Agency for Asylum
Plans for a fully equipped European Border and Coast Guard
State of the Union: stronger anti-money laundering supervision
New Ecodesign rules for light bulbs, applicable from Sept
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25 Sep, Brussels: QED Conference on Cross-border Payments
1 Oct, London: The Defence Safety Conference
10 Oct, London: Military Flight Training 2018
24 Oct, Helsinki: Biocides Day 2018
21 Nov, Amsterdam: Benelux Infrastructure Forum
27 Nov, Amsterdam: High Level Conference on Drones 2018
29 Nov, London: ConTech 2018
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Burnout in the workplace: A review of data and policy responses in the EU
State of the Union 2018 brochure
Air pollution: Our health still insufficiently protected
WWF Valuing Rivers Report (August 2018)
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Air Quality Directive


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EU as a global player
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