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EC tightens code of conduct - EUbusiness Week newsletter 528


EUbusiness Week 528 top stories: EU budget bid angers cash-strapped states; EU warns telecom firms against blocking Skype; Europeans slams China gov't procurement practices; EU warns German, Spanish airlines over safety; EU promises EUR 110m for new Chernobyl sarcophagus; One in five European kids dodge Facebook age limit

This Week's Top Stories

1. EU budget bid angers cash-strapped states
2. EU warns telecoms firms against blocking Skype
3. Europeans slams China gov't procurement practices
4. EU warns German, Spanish airlines over safety
5. EU promises EUR 110m for new Chernobyl sarcophagus
6. One in five European kids dodge Facebook age limit

Publisher's Note

This week, the Commission tightened its own code of conduct, barring former Commissioners from hiring their spouses, partners or direct family members in their cabinets, and clarifying rules for accepting gifts and invitations. The revamph follows a number of conflict-of-interest scandals, but it doesn't go far enough, say anti-corruption groups. Bearing in mind the generous prolonged payments Commissioners receive after they leave their job, maybe they have a case.
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A shorter and early version of the newswire this Easter week, to ensure you don't miss any of the week's key developments in Brussels. Wishing you all the best over the Easter break.

Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU budget bid angers cash-strapped states

The Commission defied calls from cash-strapped states to freeze spending as it requested Wednesday a 4.9% increase in the 2012 EU budget, setting the stage for heated negotiations.
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Euro-MPs tighten new EU laws to fine over-spending states

The Commission has launched a probe into charges that telecom firms block next-to-free Internet phone services to undermine competitors or degrade the quality of online videos.
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3. Europeans slams China gov't procurement practices

The European Union Chamber of Commerce has accused China of trade protectionism for refusing to grant EU companies a level playing field in the lucrative government procurement market.
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4. EU warns German, Spanish airlines over safety

The EU warns three German and Spanish carriers that they faced being grounded unless they address safety issues as it updated its blacklist of airlines banned from skies over Europe.
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5. EU promises EUR 110m for new Chernobyl sarcophagus

The Commission said Monday it will provide Ukraine with 110 million euros to help with construction of a new sarcophagus isolating the Chernobyl nuclear plant.
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6. One in five European kids dodge Facebook age limit

Three-quarters of Europe's children have a profile on a social networking website, while one in five under 13 manage to dodge Facebook's age restriction, a survey shows.
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Corruption: a Belgian court will put a Dutch former European Commission official and a French farmers union lobbyist on trial over a decade-old corruption affair.
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Finland elections: the arrival of the True Finns on Europe's electoral map is just the latest in a spree of nationalist successes -- a trend rooted in fears over immigration which has come of age with the economic crisis.
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Schwarzenegger's next stop: EU president?
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Commission Watch

Disabled: the EC vowed to strengthen the travel rights of the disabled, after a UN disability expert who uses a wheelchair complained that he was barred from a Swiss airline flight.
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Finland must decide Portugal's fate in May: Rehn
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Euro-Parliament Watch

President: MEPs have taken a first step towards half a billion Europeans directly electing the EU president, with a vote to introduce a second ballot from which the leader would emerge.
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This week, the Economics committee backed the 'six-pack' set of laws revamping economic governance in the EU. Parliament and Council negotiators reached a compromise deal on a new EU regulation on textile labelling, also ensuring that any use of animal-derived materials is stated on garment labels.
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