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Brexit-Trump axis suits Putin - EUbusiness Week newsletter 768


EUbusiness Week 768 top stories: EU formally extends sanctions against Russia; MEPs present dieselgate first findings; Fairer rules promised in EU benefits shake-up; 5G mobile internet a step closer with 700 MHz deal; Battery makers fined EUR 166m for cartel; Europe's Galileo satnav system goes live

Publisher's Note

Following the Brexit and U.S. votes, at least president Putin will start 2017 with a smile. The EU has been a thorn in his expansionist ambition, supporting the Baltic states, refusing to recognise Crimea's annexation, and committed to supporting Ukraine politically and economically.

Russia would welcome Brexit's damage to EU solidarity on Russian sanctions, as well as US withdrawal from TTIP. But should we accept the consequences of a flawed democratic process? Or should 2017 see the start of a fight-back against the politics of hate, intimidation and dishonesty?

Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. The next newswire goes out in January.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU formally extends sanctions against Russia

The EU prolonged economic sanctions targeting specific sectors of the Russian economy by a further six months on Monday, continuing its response to the crisis in Ukraine.
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EU reaffirms strong support for Ukraine

2. MEPs present dieselgate first findings

Evidence from the first draft report from the European Parliament's committee into dieselgate shows shortcomings in Member State enforcement of EU car emissions legislation.
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3. Fairer rules promised in EU benefits shake-up

The Commission unveiled an overhaul of social security rules Wednesday, acknowledging a Brexit campaign which highlighted 'benefits tourism' as a major concern of voters.
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4. 5G mobile internet a step closer with 700 MHz deal

EU Member States will make the 700 MHz band available for wireless broadband by 2020, enabling a shift to 5G mobile internet, Parliament and Council negotiators agreed informally on Wednesday evening.
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5. Battery makers fined EUR 166m for cartel

Sony, Panasonic and Sanyo have received fines of EUR 166 million for coordinating prices and exchanging sensitive information on supplies of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
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6. Europe's Galileo satnav system goes live

Europe's satellite navigation system Galileo went live for public authorities and businesses Thursday, promising accurate, fast and more reliable positioning for end users.
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Kit Kat: Nestle's application to register the three-dimensional shape of 'Kit Kat 4 fingers' as an EU trade mark is declared invalid at the ECJ's General Court.
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Latest news from the European Court of Justice
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EU-Ukraine Association Council - official controls along the agri-food chain - Russia sanctions - Illicit Trafficking of Firearms and Ammunition in the Western Balkans - venture capital rules - Mercury pollution agreement - European Council conclusions
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Statement on Berlin - Urban agenda - migration in the Horn of Africa - end of roaming charges in 2017 - Niger - high-quality radio frequencies - Partnership Framework on migration with third countries - new rules to cut air pollution - Galileo Initial Services - revision of social security coordination rules - multilateral investment court
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Parliament Watch

Car emissions - ACP-EU - Sakharov Prize, railways, fundamental rights - EU carbon market - compensation for Thalidomide victims - import checks to protect citrus trees - Reimposing visas - Human rights: Buddhism in Tibet, Rohingya in Myanmar, mass graves in Iraq - 5G internet by 2020 - US-EU visa reciprocity - Rule of law and democracy in Poland - Brexit talks - EU ports fees
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EUR 120 bn more for climate possible from strong EU carbon market reform
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