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Brexit fishing threat - EUbusiness Week newsletter 793


EUbusiness Week 793 top stories: Brussels supports end to Greek deficit procedure; Tusk cements EU-Ukraine partnership, urges unity; Finance ministers approve plan for bad loans; Experts propose simpler access to EU funds; Brexit threatens UK flights to EU 27, says Ryanair boss; Muskrat, alligator weed added to EU alien species list

Publisher's Note

The first example of Britain 'taking back control' and 'getting back our waters' has been its withdrawal from the London Fisheries Convention.

Responding to this crude negotiating position, MEPs in committee this week backed plans to tackle overfishing through multi-annual fishing quotas in the North Sea - fishing grounds set to become bargaining chips in the Brexit talks. The goals and ambitions of the EU's fisheries policy should be defended. Unilateral withdrawal from agreements is not defensible, and non-cooperation with the UK's neighbours over shared fish stocks is not a workable policy.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Brussels supports end to Greek deficit procedure

The Commission recommended Wednesday that the Council close the Excessive Deficit Procedure for Greece, hailing it as a positive signal of financial stability and economic recovery in the country.
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2. Tusk cements EU-Ukraine partnership, urges unity

The EU cemented its partnership with Ukraine at a summit Thursday, as Council president Donald Tusk urged the country to keep 'your unity at any cost, and avoid like the plague internal conflicts'.
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3. Finance ministers approve plan for bad loans

EU finance ministers have approved an action plan to address the problem of non-performing loans in the banking sector, to reduce stocks and prevent their future emergence.
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4. Experts propose simpler access to EU funds

Faced with the prospect of Brexit and a diminishing EU Budget, a group of independent Cohesion Policy experts have presented their final report for a simplified EU funds framework after 2020.
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5. Brexit threatens UK flights to EU 27, says Ryanair boss

There could be no flights between the UK and the EU-27 immediately after Brexit, Ryanair boss Michael O�Leary warned at meeting of the European Parliament's transport committee Tuesday.
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6. Muskrat, alligator weed added to EU alien species list

The muskrat and alligator weed were among 12 new species added to the Commission's list of invasive alien species that require action across the EU, part of EU efforts to halt biodiversity loss.
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Bialowieza Forest: the Commission is referring Poland to the EU Court of Justice for increased logging in the Bialowieza Forest, which is a protected Natura 2000 site. July infringements - Part 2: other letters of formal notice
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