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Border-free EU under threat - EUbusiness Week newsletter 530


EUbusiness Week 530 top stories: No more Greece aid without 'clear conditions'; EU nuclear safety testing row in meltdown; Toxic toys and textiles on the decrease in EU stores; EU rejects bid to block France's fourth 3G licence; EU-Liberia strike deal to stem illegal logging; New drugs enter Europe at 'unprecedented pace'

This Week's Top Stories

1. No more Greece aid without 'clear conditions'
2. EU nuclear safety testing row in meltdown
3. Toxic toys and textiles on the decrease in EU stores
4. EU rejects bid to block France's fourth 3G licence
5. EU-Liberia strike deal to stem illegal logging
6. New drugs enter Europe at 'unprecedented pace'

Publisher's Note

The sudden influx of North African refugees led Denmark this week to reinstate checks at its borders, despite being a member of the Schengen border-free zone. The end of Schengen?

On Thursday Europe's interior ministers agreed a plan enabling Member States to temporarily restore internal border controls in case of massive migration surges. However, they were keen to stress their wish to preserve the Schengen system.

It should be possible to control refugee and immigrant flows without threatening Europeans' right to move freely across borders. This right embodies the European project. It is also seen as central to the success of the Single Market and to Europe's continued efforts to bring back growth and jobs.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. No more Greece aid without 'clear conditions'

Greece will not receive any further aid from its European partners unless it tightens its belt further and submits to "clear conditions", says Germany's finance minister.
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Restructuring Greek debt risks devastation: Commission

Fractious talks on testing the safety of European nuclear reactors broke down on Thursday as calls to include terror attacks and other man-made disasters in the tests faced resistance from powerful nuclear lobbies in London and Paris.
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3. Toxic toys and textiles on the decrease in EU stores

Thanks to efforts from China and improved EU policing, fewer toxic toys and skin-irritating textiles are making it onto Europe's supermarket shelves, says the Commission.
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4. EU rejects bid to block France's fourth 3G licence

Europe's competition watchdog has cleared a French decision to award a fourth high-speed 3G mobile network licence to Internet provider Free, rejecting complaints from competitors.
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5. EU-Liberia strike deal to stem illegal logging

The EU on Monday signed a deal with Liberia requiring exports of its wood products carry a certificate of origin, the sixth agreement of its kind aimed at fighting illegal logging.
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6. New drugs enter Europe at 'unprecedented pace'

New drugs are flooding the European market at an unprecedented pace, the European drug monitoring centre and Europol warned in a joint report.
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Names: Lithuania has hailed a European Court of Justice ruling backing its name-spelling rules, an issue that has fed into other spats with the Baltic nation's ethnic-Polish minority and neighbouring Poland.
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Belgium hopes France will take paroled child killer
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Syria: the European Union has tightened the noose on President Bashar al-Assad, enforcing sanctions targeting his brother and inner circle, and warning the Syrian leader could be next.
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Merkel cements Draghi's ECB chances
France will block EU farm subsidy cuts: Sarkozy
Israel criticises EU boost in Palestinian aid
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Commission Watch

Trade: Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht warns that special export favours granted to Brazil, China, India and Russia among scores of fast-growing economies no longer make sense.
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EU to open office in Libyan rebel stronghold
EU says nuclear talks with Iran again in limbo
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Euro-Parliament Watch

Facebook attack: the Parliament says its Facebook page came under spam attack from pro-Syrian regime elements, claiming a "coordinated" campaign also targeting the White House.
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French far-right MP stripped of EU parliamentary immunity
In plenary this week, Euro-MPs issued an urgent call for regulation of cloned foods; urged more research and better monitoring of the effects of anti-microbials on food-producing animals and pets; and called for emergency measures to help fishermen suffering from high oil prices.
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13 May, Foreign Affairs Council (Trade)
16 May, Eurogroup meeting
16-17 May, Agriculture and Fisheries Council
16-17 May, Economic and Financial Affairs Council
19-20 May, Education, Youth and Culture Council
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