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Better food info on menu - EUbusiness Week newsletter 685


EUbusiness Week 685 top stories: EU reveals EUR 1.3 trillion Juncker plan 'wish list'; Eurozone ministers give France last chance to fix budget; Bank borrowing in new ECB loans programme disappoints; EU quizzes Google rivals in stalled anti-trust case; Corruption in Bulgaria breaks 15-year record: study; Private cars trump public transport in EU: study

Publisher's Note

The provision of food information to consumers takes a major step forward this weekend, when a new mandatory food labelling system lands on supermarket shelves and in restaurants across the European Union.

Some rules will be rolled out progressively, and mandatory nutritional labelling for processed food will only apply end 2016. But consumers can look forward to clearer, more comprehensive and accurate information on food content, helping them to make informed choices about what they eat. Good news for allergy sufferers and fussy eaters. And also for myopic eaters, who might at last stand a chance of seeing the bigger font sizes of the new labels.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU reveals EUR 1.3 trillion Juncker plan 'wish list'

EU nations unveiled a list of 2,000 projects worth 1.3 trillion euros on Tuesday that will compete for financing from the investment plan announced by Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker.
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Investment Offensive for Europe

2. Eurozone ministers give France last chance to fix budget

Eurozone ministers on Monday approved the extra three months given France, Italy and Belgium to fix their bloated budgets, but warned that "all options" remained if the overspending persisted.
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France says eyes deficit well below EU limits by 2017

3. Bank borrowing in new ECB loans programme disappoints

The European Central Bank pumped more liquidity into the financial system Thursday via private-sector loans but analysts said uptake by banks was disappointing and increased pressure for it to do more.
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4. EU quizzes Google rivals in stalled anti-trust case

The EU's new anti-trust regulators have asked Google's rivals for fresh information before taking forward a sensitive four-year probe into the US Internet giant's activities, says Competition Commissioner Vestager.
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5. Corruption in Bulgaria breaks 15-year record: study

Corruption in Bulgaria broke a 15-year record in 2014, with some 158,000 bribes paid out each month in the EU's poorest and most graft-prone country, a new study shows.
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6. Private cars trump public transport in EU: study

More than half of Europeans use their cars to travel daily in cities across the EU while less than one-fifth of them use public transport, a study revealed on Monday.
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Polish coal: Poland faces heavy fines for breaking EU laws on renewable energy use, say officials, dealing a blow to an eastern European member almost entirely reliant on coal.
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New prosecutor for Kosovo organ trafficking probe
German art dealer on trial for multi-million-euro fraud
Latest news from the European Court of Justice
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Tobin tax: Eurozone ministers failed Monday to find common ground on a long promised financial transaction tax, put into jeopardy by differing views on its implementation.
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Eurozone ministers approve bailout extension for Greece
Russian PM warns against 'hysterics' over rouble collapse
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Commission Watch

Tax avoidance: Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker vowed Wednesday to push forward a tax avoidance crackdown, after new "LuxLeaks" revelations about companies getting bumper deals when he was Luxembourg prime minister.
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EU announces EUR 700m in aid for Myanmar over 7 years
EU hints at more aid for Ukraine
EU says CIA torture report 'positive step'
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Parliament Watch

2015 budget: Member States and Parliament said Tuesday they have reached a deal on a new 2015 budget for the 28-country bloc after bridging gaps that threatened to scupper a deal.
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Euro-Parliament worried by Turkey's 'police state' law
Two Italian parties calls for exit from eurozone
This week EC president Juncker discussed the Commission's 2015 work programme with EP political group leaders; and the Budgets Committee recommended that some 6,000 workers made redundant in France, Greece, Italy and Poland should receive EU aid worth EUR 35.5m to help them find or create jobs.
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EU diary

15-18 Dec: European Parliament Plenary Session
15-16 Dec: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
17 Dec: Environment Council
17 Dec: Adoption of 2015 Commission Work Programme
18-19 Dec: European Council
1 Jan: Lithuania becomes 19th Member State to adopt euro
9 Jan: Countdown to European Year for Development - 2015
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