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Steps to a sustainable Europe - EUbusiness Week newsletter 842


EUbusiness Week 842 top stories: EU-Japan free trade zone opens for business; EU mulls options for a more sustainable Europe by 2030; EU urges tech giants to step up fight against fake news; Draft deal to strengthen consumer rights online; EU agrees better work-life balance for parents and carers; States agree better protection for whistleblowers

Publisher's Note

As the EU mulls options for a more sustainable future, Noel Quinn, CEO of HSBC Global Commercial Banking shows, in his takeaways from the Davos World Economic Forum, how companies can reduce their environmental footprint and play their part in mitigating risks associated with climate change. Leaders who want to transition their business to be more sustainable can look at who they buy from, and where, and can invest in renewable sources of energy. They can source raw materials closer to home, saving transport costs. And a company with high sustainability credentials will attract the growing number of consumers who want to buy 'green'.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU-Japan free trade zone opens for business

The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement entered into force on 1 February, allowing businesses and consumers across Europe and in Japan to take advantage of the largest open trade zone in the world.
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2. EU mulls options for a more sustainable Europe by 2030

A Commission Reflection Paper looks at options to deliver the EU's commitment on UN Sustainable Development Goals, including on the Paris climate change agreement.
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3. EU urges tech giants to step up fight against fake news

The Commission has called on tech giants including Google, Facebook and Twitter to intensify their efforts to crack down on disinformation in the run up to the Euro-elections.
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4. Draft deal to strengthen consumer rights online

The EU institutions reached a draft deal Tuesday on new rules to make it easier and safer to buy and sell both goods and digital content across borders - including software, streaming or game downloads.
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5. EU agrees better work-life balance for parents and carers

A provisional agreement reached Friday would improve access for working parents to work-life balance arrangements such as leaves and flexible working arrangements.
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6. States agree better protection for whistleblowers

The EU is moving towards guaranteeing a high level protection to whistleblowers across a wide range of sectors, following agreement by EU states' ambassadors.
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CETA investor dispute: the investment dispute mechanism of the EU-Canada free trade agreement is compatible with EU law, an advocate-general of the EU Court said in an Opinion.
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

New ECB executive board member - cross-border mobility of companies - introduction of aerodynamic lorry cabs - Trans-European transport network: Brexit-related adaptation - EU energy efficiency rules adapted for Brexit - funding for PEACE programme after Brexit - carcinogens and mutagens at work - contracts for the sales of goods and digital content - Safeguards in free trade agreements
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Commission Watch

European government bonds cartel: Statement of Objections - EU-Japan trade agreement - EU report: Georgia clear progress on reform agenda - EU-U.S. trade talks progress report - Brexit Preparedness 'no-deal' contingency measures for Erasmus+ students, social security coordination rules and EU budget - Sustainability reflection paper - countering online disinformation - U.S. Soya bean scheme sustainable - Property regimes for international couples - competition enforcement contributes to affordable and innovative medicines: report
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Parliament Watch

Parliament approves more transparency and efficiency in its internal rules - Venezuela: Parliament recognises Guaido, urges EU to follow suit - MEPs urge UK to break current deadlock - Partnership agreement with businesses ahead of EP Elections - Parliament commemorates victims of the Holocaust - Visa-free access to the EU for UK nationals and to the UK for EU nationals - New rules for short-stay visas - EU-wide rules for those sold faulty products - Mario Draghi quizzed for last time by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee
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5-6 Feb: EU Industry Days 2019
5 Feb: EU-Norway energy conference
6-7 Feb: European Committee of the Regions plenary
7-8 Feb: European Parliament Committee Meetings
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Lawyer (Course Director) in EU Financial Markets & Banking Law, Academy of European Law
Administrative Assistant, European Institute for Gender Equality
Policy Officer on Agriculture, European Environmental Bureau
Political Adviser, Eurogroup for Animals
Legal Officer - Competition, EFTA Surveillance Authority
Business Process Officer, European Food Safety Authority
Secretary General, The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union
Regulatory Economist, EFTA Surveillance Authority
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2 May, Crete: CLOSER 2019 - International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science
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