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TK'Blue Customer Survey Results: Reduced Transport Costs, Environmental Footprint & Better Compliance

12 September 2018
by ubi -- last modified 12 September 2018

TK'Blue is an accreditation and rating agency which specialises in goods transportation. Its service platform measures the environmental performance of the carriers, shippers and freight forwarders in a company's supply chain. It covers all modes of transport: road, rail, sea, river and air.


TK'Blue conducted a survey of 50 of its customers on the effectiveness of its platform in mid-2018. The results revealed:

  • Almost a third of respondents have lowered their transport costs as a result of using TK'Blue's platform
  • A fifth of respondents have reduced their social and environmental footprint: CO2, pollution, etc.
  • 15% have improved their compliance with transport regulations

Why does TK'Blue have over 1000 users?

  • 70% of shippers and freight forwarders' main requirement is to measure CO2/GHG emissions and then reduce them.
  • Shippers' require a reliable third party to take detailed measurements of emissions produced by freight transportation. This is because initial studies are usually carried out internally, relying on national averages and estimated ratios, not providing shippers with enough concrete information for change.
  • Shippers also use TK'Blue's findings to choose more efficient vehicles, change modes of transport, and control the transport cost per ton-km.

TK'Blue provide key information for decision makers

The survey demonstrates the value of sustainability efforts undertaken by shippers which are communicated to transport providers (57%), to their top managers and in CSR reports (28%).

What role do the respondents play in the supply chain?

  • 86% shippers, 14% freight forwarders
  • Decision makers: Transport Directors (31%), CSR Directors (23%), Logistics Managers (15%), QHSE Managers (8%), Supply Chain Vice-Presidents (23%).

Shippers and freight forwarders use a range of tools from TK'Blue's platform:

  • CO2/GHG report (26%)
  • analysis via the monitoring on-line dashboard (21%)
  • annual rating report (28%)
  • monthly activity reports (25%).

The TK'Blue team will be able to demonstrate the benefits of using the platform at upcoming conferences:

eWorld Procurement & Supply, London, 3rd October, 3pm: Chris Hinfray, Vice President of TK'Blue, will lead a 40-minute workshop on 'Sustainable Transport: a pain or a gain', during which a TK'Blue client will share their experience of using the platform and the benefits the solution has brought to their company.

Responsible Supply Chain Summit Europe, London, 10th-11th November: Christine Roucher, UK Director of TK'Blue Agency, will take part in a panel discussion on 'delivering smart, clean, agile delivery systems'.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting with the TK'Blue teams at eWorld Procurement & Supply& Responsible Supply Chain Summit, contact:
Marcia Assuncao, Head of Communications & Marketing
+ 33 (0) 1 71 39 80 71 / + 33 (0) 6 30 04 97 60

For more information on this press release, contact:
Business France UK (The French Trade Commission)
Catherine Ryall, Press Officer / + 44(0) 207 024 3613

TK'Blue is a transport accreditation and rating agency operating as a service platform. It measures, rates, and values the environmental performance of each carrier, shipper and freight forwarder in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements regarding CO2 emissions and CSR at a European level. Its European governance, composed of more than 70 representatives in the supply chain guarantees in the long-term, legitimacy, credibility, development and independence. The platform is available on the cloud as SaaS and is free for carriers of any transport mode. TK'Blue has over 1,000 users, including major enterprises such as Michelin, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Carrefour, XPO Logistics, Metro, Galeries Lafayette, Saint-Gobain Glass Logistics. All enjoy significant benefits in Transport, Compliance, CSR and Brand Image.

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