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Renovation Wave: key incentive for SME recovery

26 June 2020
by smeunited -- last modified 26 June 2020

The Renovation Wave can be a significant contribution to the economic restart of the EU. SMEs in the construction sector will get a boost from the resources invested to make buildings energy efficient and the turn around initiated towards renewable energy sources.


SMEunited welcomes the European Commission's "Renovation Wave Initiative for public and private buildings" as an important building block of the European Green Deal and Recovery Strategy. The initiative is indispensable to reach the EU's carbon neutrality, energy efficiency and renewable energy objectives. Hence, putting the Renovation wave as one of the major topics of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 provides ample opportunity to demonstrate SMEs role to refurbish buildings putting climate goals at the centre.

Eugenio Quintieri, Chairman of the SMEunited Construction Forum, stated: "The renovation market is a vital part of business for many construction SMEs. They have a crucial role to play in delivering the Renovation Wave and reaching the European climate and energy goals. To further foster its development potential, it is necessary to boost market demand for sustainable buildings by means of financial support and holistic policies".

For sustainability it is essential to stimulate the volume and depth of renovation through regulatory and non-regulatory instruments. Therefore, the Renovation wave should be prioritised in the revamped proposal for the Multi-Annual Financial Framework and the European Recovery Fund. Furthermore, it has to promote the integrated renovation of existing buildings by addressing renewables and efficient heating. Moreover, the development of green skills is necessary to allow SMEs to deliver on this transformation.

Finally, worst performing buildings and energy poverty need to be tackled. Energy poverty hits self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises to the same extent as other citizens. A successful realisation of the Renovation Wave will lower greenhouse gases' emissions and the consumption of electricity and therefore the bills paid by professionals and consumers.

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