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Future Europe: entrepreneurship and smart regulation are key

09 May 2022
by smeunited -- last modified 09 May 2022

Today on "Europe day", the Conference on the Future of Europe is holding its closing event. The Conference was an important project to discuss what kind of future Europeans want and which reforms are necessary. SMEunited welcomes that citizens in their proposals paid attention to the entrepreneurial culture and business competitiveness.


"We appreciate the call from citizens to promote an entrepreneurial culture and apply the Think Small First principle in Europe," stated Véronique Willems, the SMEunited Secretary General and Plenary Member of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Small and medium-sized businesses represent 99,8% of all companies in Europe and account for 65% of employment. They represent a major group of European citizens.

The European single market offers SMEs a wealth of opportunities. However, the EU must properly implement and enforce the common rules. Respect for the rule of law and smart regulation are absolutely necessary for this equal implementation and enforcement of the jointly agreed EU rules. Moreover, it also guarantees a level playing field for all companies in Europe.

The developments in the last few years – the pandemic, financial and migration crises, Russia's invasion of Ukraine – demonstrate that the EU must further strengthen its capacity to react swiftly and speak with one voice.

SMEunited will discuss the results of the Conference on the Future of Europe with SMEs from across Europe at its General Assembly. We will assess the proposals and the way forward for their implementation. SMEunited will express the views of entrepreneurs and employers when the EU institutions take concrete initiatives on these proposals.

SMEunited along with its member organisations engaged actively in the work of the Conference. We put forward wishes towards the future of the European Union from the point of view of SMEs. Additionally, we contributed to the process and discussions with our experience, knowhow and opinions from the citizens SMEunited represents – entrepreneurs and SME employers.

SMEunited is the association of Crafts and SMEs in Europe with 65-member organisations from over 30 European countries. SMEunited represents national cross-sectoral Craft and SME federations, European SME branch organisations and associate members. Combined, it represents more than 22,5 million enterprises with around 82 million employees across Europe.

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