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Spying disagreement clouds youth jobs meeting

Posted by Nick Prag at 14 July 2013, 22:05 CET |

I see that French President Hollande is taking the opportunity of the spying row to try and temporarily suspend trade talks with the United States. He is clearly on the side of protectionism - as seen by France's trying to exclude culture - ie France's film industry - from the upcoming talks.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted European leaders Wednesday to jointly tackle mass youth unemployment but the show of unity was clouded as EU heavyweights Berlin and Paris differed in their response to US spying claims.

While France -- angered over the US spying claims by fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden -- called for the temporary suspension of EU-US free trade talks set to start next week, Germany said they should go ahead as planned.

French President Francois Hollande days ago called for a common EU position on the spying allegations and said talks on what would be the world's biggest free trade area should be put on ice until there are guarantees the espionage has stopped.

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Nick Prag

Nick Prag

Nick Prag is founder and managing editor of Prior to EUbusiness, he was senior editor at Europe Online SA in Luxembourg, where he played a major part in the launch of Europe Online International.