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Brexit II horror movie opens in the U.S.

Posted by Nick Prag at 10 November 2016, 21:35 CET |
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Brexit II, sequel to the first Brexit horror movie shot in the United Kingdom, opened in the United States this week to shock and derision from most critics, though to some acclaim in Russia.

Brexit II horror movie opens in the U.S.

Donald Trump - Photo by Gage Skidmore

The plot was so far fetched that you couldn't make it up.

Bad guys were the heroes, and the good guys nowhere to be seen.

This is a movie where the bad guys win, with deputies cheering in the Russian parliament when it was announced that their man had won against all the odds.

Nobody believes the superheroes in a new world order can possibly be such badly-drawn caricatures as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen.

The pitiful sight of another bully, Nigel Farage, trying his best to get onto the top table, was creepy.

As was the cynicism with which the protagonists manipulated a vulnerable audience.

How can you take seriously a plot where the heroes plan to destroy the world's economy, the environment, international trade and the institutions and international infrastructure which have kept Europe and the world at peace for so long?

Especially when the main losers are likely to be the very people the politicians claimed they were trying to help.

A flop.


SEE IT if you're: elderly and white, misogynist, racist, a dictator

DON'T SEE IT if you're: young, college educated, a woman, gay, Hispanic, Muslim, immigrant, refugee, not white, foreign

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