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Friends of the Earth Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe campaigns for sustainable and just societies and for the protection of the environment, unites more than 30 national organisations with thousands of local groups and is part of the world's largest grassroots environmental network, Friends of the Earth International.

Misguided spending by enfants terribles is undermining Europe's transition to a fossil-free future
EU billions destined to transform the carbon-intensive, inefficient energy systems of central and eastern Europe are being misspent, finds a new report today by CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe. Bad spending plans and a lack of climate commitments from nine central and eastern European governments is hampering Europe’s transition away from fossil fuels, the groups say.

A wasted year for the circular economy - FoEE
The European Commission today launched its revised proposal to tackle resource use and waste in Europe. The reworked Circular Economy Package is weaker than last year’s axed proposal, according to Friends of the Earth Europe, and lacks the solid foundations required to address Europe’s overconsumption of resources and its global impact.

EU-US trade deal threatens food safety
The trade agreement being negotiated between the US and EU threatens public health, consumer rights and animal welfare standards, shows new analysis today by food and trade experts. The criticisms come as negotiators from both sides of the Atlantic meet behind closed doors in Brussels, Belgium this week to start writing new food safety rules for the trade deal and as hundreds of people demonstrated against the ‘Trojan Horse Treaty’.

European Parliament votes through new powers for governments to ban GM crops
The European Parliament today voted to grant national governments new powers to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops in their territories. Today’s decision by the European Parliament for the first time allows governments to ban entire categories of GM crops.

Ministers support giving biotech companies say in decisions on GM crops
Today’s vote by EU environment ministers in favour of a new law that would theoretically allow individual countries to ban genetically modified (GM) crops is a poisoned chalice which could open Europe’s fields to more biotech crops, says Friends of the Earth Europe.

Europe opens doors to dangerous fracking - FoEE
Europe is opening its doors to dirty and dangerous unconventional fossil fuels, Friends of the Earth Europe and Food & Water Europe said today. The warning comes as the European Commission published a framework to guide member states on how to regulate shale gas which fails to provide mandatory protection for Europe’s citizens against the environmental and health risks of fracking.

EU energy targets slammed - Friends of the Earth
EU plans to tackle climate change by 2030, announced in Brussels today (Wednesday 22 January 2014), have been slammed by Friends of the Earth.

International 'Meat Atlas' - Friends of the Earth
Intensive meat and dairy production is having an increasingly devastating impact on society and the environment, according to a new 'Meat Atlas' published today by Friends of the Earth Europe and the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

EU-US trade talks on hold, but risks remain
The delay to trade talks between the EU and US, which were due to start in Brussels today, must be used to address the risks a deal represents to people and the environment, says Friends of the Earth Europe.

Limit on Europe's biofuel use not enough to prevent hunger and deforestation (Friends of the Earth Europe)
The burning of biofuels in Europe will continue to increase and cause food price hikes and climate emissions after the European Parliament today failed to vote for tougher restrictions on their use.

Europeans forced to drive with more rainforest-destroying biofuels
Europe’s drivers are being forced to fill their tanks with increasing amounts of rainforest-destroying palm oil, with reliance on the controversial biofuel set to rise even further, new figures released today (Monday September 9) show. According to the data, palm oil use has increased much more than predicted and is now at 20% of the biodiesel mix.

New code, old conduct in the European Parliament?
The new code of conduct for Members of the European Parliament is failing to prevent potential conflicts of interest in a number of specific cases, finds a new report released today.

CAP reform: Failure for the environment, developing countries and small farmers
The EU's new agriculture policy is a disaster for the environment, small farmers and developing countries, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. The criticism comes at the end of lengthy negotiations over the rules and support for European farmers until 2020.

World’s best-selling weed killer found in human urine across Europe
People in 18 countries across Europe have been found to have traces of the weed killer glyphosate in their urine, show the results of tests commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe and released today.

Energy as usual at EU leaders summit
European leaders met today in Brussels to discuss energy policy. Their official conclusions show that concerns about high costs are delaying the transition to a clean and sustainable energy system.

EU climate and energy plans for 2030 dangerously inadequate
EU officials today published details of their planned approach to climate and energy policy until 2030. Friends of the Earth Europe has described the plans as 'dangerously inadequate' and particularly criticised the lack of legally binding targets to encourage more energy from renewables and more energy savings.

MEPs keep alive greener farming
Members of the European Parliament today voted to continue the process of 'greening' European agriculture. However the changes don't go far enough, says Friends of the Earth Europe which is calling for much stronger measures to protect the environment and the majority of small farmers.

Hidden impacts of Europe's appetite for land
Europe must urgently tackle its over-use of the world’s land, finds a new report from Friends of the Earth Europe, released today.

MEPs vote on emissions trading reform – Friends Of The Earth Europe comment
Members of the European Parliament's environment committee voted today in favour of a proposal to delay the introduction of permits into the EU Emissions Trading System.

Aluminium, cotton and lithium needlessly wasted, new report shows
Europe is failing to manage its resources sustainably, unnecessarily sending valuable materials to incineration and landfill, according to a report published today (Thursday February 14) by Friends of the Earth Europe.

European poll shows considerable concern about EU ethics
A majority of people across Europe are concerned about ethics and lobbying in European Union policy-making, and want better regulation of lobbyists, as well as increased transparency of the EU, according to a new opinion poll.

Pesticide risks to bee decline identified - Friends of the Earth reaction
Reacting to news today [Wednesday 16 January 2013] that European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientists have identified a number of risks posed to bees by three neonicotinoid insecticides, Friends of the Earth’s Executive Director Andy Atkins said:

Biofuels capped but still likely to starve and pollute
Reforms announced today by the European Commission will not stop biofuels pushing up food prices and accelerating climate change, says Friends of the Earth Europe.

Good Food March heads for Brussels as global food crisis deepens
Cyclists arrive in Strasbourg today for the start of the final leg of the Good Food March's journey to Brussels to call for a radical change of direction in European food and farming policy.

Weaknesses found in MEP ethics rules
First analysis casts doubts on accuracy and transparency of data with quarter of MEPs declaring no prior occupation

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