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Delivering energy savings and efficiency - CER Policy Brief

Author: Stephen Tindale
Price FREE
Publisher Centre for European Reform
Publication date 10 January 2011
Publication synopsis The EU should not waste its time arguing about whether to make its energy efficiency targets binding. Instead, it should focus on practical steps to improve energy efficiency. In this new CER policy brief Stephen Tindale calls for a strengthening of the EU's so-called 'combined heat and power directive' to ensure that the heat generated when fuel is burnt to generate electricity is also used; for a progressive tightening of EU energy standards for boilers, computers and televisions; and for the introduction of a floor price for carbon in the EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS). Tindale also calls for more of the EU budget - and some of the revenues from the auctioning of ETS permits - to be spent on energy efficiency programmes.

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Climate Answers
climate answers

Climate change is the most serious issue ever to have faced humanity. Rightly, it is now high on the public, political, media and business agendas. However, too much of the discussion is still about what we should not be doing or what we should be against. There is not enough discussion or information on solutions - what we can and should do to minimise dangerous climate change, and what should be done to make us not only safer and more secure, but also richer and happier.

Stephen Tindale photoStephen Tindale (29 March 1963 – 1 July 2017) was a British environmentalist who was Executive Director of Greenpeace UK from 2000 to 2005. He was Director of The Alvin Weinberg Foundation, co-founder of the organisation Climate Answers, Associate Fellow at the Centre for European Reform and co-author of Repowering Communities with Prashant Vaze.