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An Unbreakable Smartphone? Global Launch Of Athesi Professional's New Smartphone Range

13 February 2020
by businessfrance -- last modified 13 February 2020

The go-to manufacturer for durable, resistant mobile phones for professionals working in extreme conditions, Athesi is now set to be the go-to for all smartphone users.


They are launching their new range of 3 high-spec, rugged, waterproof Android smartphones models, the AP5701, AP5801 and AP6301 (previously due to take place at Mobile World Congress).

No need for a case!

Sleek, light & efficient, Athesi's new smartphone range is set apart by its incredible resistance to damage and rugged credentials:

  • able to withstand multiple drops onto concrete from heights of 1.5m
  • waterproof up to 1.5m for 30 minutes
  • MIL-STD-810g & IP68 and IP69K certified
  • Fully functional in extreme temperatures: -30°C
  • each model comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase
  • SOS feature: close all your apps to limit consumption and extend the battery life to send an emergency message with your location every 10 minutes

An Athesi Professional phone is designed for those in non-desk jobs, those working outdoors, athletes, or even just people who are clumsy, or don't want their phone to break from a single shock. The phones have up to 128 Gb ROM to provide massive storage for photos, movies, music & documents.

'I've run out of battery' is no longer an excuse

Not only are they dustproof and waterproof (IP68 rating), limiting damages and breakages common in popular smartphones but also offer practical solutions:

  • equipped for wireless charging
  • long-lasting batteries, allowing days of use without charging

3 models for 3 sets of requirements

AP5701The 3 models are designed to cater for 3 different budgets, with prices ranging from around £200 for the cost-effective AP5701 to up to £700 for the more advanced AP6301. The AP5801 range sits in the middle, at roughly £400 per model.

Despite being the least expensive model, the AP5701 can run for 600 hours in standby modeand for 23 hours of talk time. With a 5.7" touchscreen, & an easy unlock system via a side-set fingerprint sensor, this phone is designed for anyone looking for a cost-effective, durable & resistant smart phone.

AP5801The mid-range model, the AP5801, has a 5.8" touchscreen with features for sporting as well as harsh or outdoor environments. This innovative model can detect volatile organic compounds, including man-made and natural chemical compounds that are harmful to health. It enables professionals working in hazardous environments to avoid breathing in too many harmful gases from, for example, recently renovated rooms, or contaminated outside air. What's more, the AP5801 includes an inbuilt heartrate sensor, which allows users to measure their pulse, which is particularly useful for sportspeople.

AP6301At the top-end, the AP6301 with a 6.3" touchscreen, goes a step further, with a unique feature: an integrated FLIR LEPTON professional thermal imaging camera. It locates heat sources and transforms them into a thermal image that can be seen and measured, facilitating the work of the mobile technicians and helping electricians to safely inspect electrical cabinets and detect malfunctions. It is also equipped with a high-quality 48 Sony Megapixel camera complete with night shot mode camera, and a 20 Megapixel front camera.

The mid-and-top models are powered by the AI Master Helio P70 Octa-core processor and run on a powerful 6Gb RAM, which ensures that Athesi Professional phones are high speed and responsive.

More information can be found on Athesi's website,, and the phones will also be available to buy on Amazon UK Marketplace.

For more information, please contact

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