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A barbecue grill can kill: don’t use it indoors

01 June 2016
by anec -- last modified 01 June 2016

On the occasion of today’s 6th Carbon Monoxide (CO) Round Table, hosted by MEPs Linda McAvan and Marian Harkin, ANEC - the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation - urges consumers never to take a charcoal barbecue inside because of the risk of lethal CO poisoning.


During the summer holidays, many consumers go camping and take their barbecue grills with them. Some people take the barbecue inside or indoors, either to heat the tent or caravan, or to cook in case of rain. However, indoor use of charcoal barbecue grills creates an accumulation of carbon monoxide which can lead to fatal accidents.

Stephen Russell, ANEC Secretary-General, commented, "As a barbecue cools, it emits a large volume of carbon monoxide, a highly lethal odourless and colourless gas. Carbon monoxide from indoor barbecues has killed. We urge consumers to use barbecues well away from habitable spaces and never to use one as a heat source indoors".

CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, is working on an amendment to the European standard EN 1860-1 to introduce a pictogram on the barbecue to warn consumers that it should not be used indoors. ANEC takes part in this work.

"Many people are not aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide", Stephen Russell continued. "High level exposure is fatal. Low level exposure can cause irreversible brain damage. Tell your friends and families not to use barbecues inside. You will help save lives by spreading the word".

Find out more about carbon monoxide in the ANEC-CSI leaflet, 'Carbon monoxide, the silent killer'.

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