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NGOs set out demands for EU sustainable taxonomy

27 May 2020
by WWF -- last modified 27 May 2020

Nearly 100 NGOs have signed a list of ten priorities for an effective and science-based EU taxonomy.


If done properly, the taxonomy should help end greenwashing in the finance sector by showing which investments are truly sustainable. The taxonomy can also play an even bigger role, helping the post-crisis EU economy become more resilient by guiding the EU's green recovery spending.

The 94 NGOs, which include WWF,, Transport & Environment and Climate Action Network Europe, ask for criteria suggested by the technical expert advisory group to the Commission (the TEG) to be tightened particularly for forestry, bioenergy and hydropower, where there is a risk of damaging practises being included as sustainable. For example on bioenergy, they ask for the European Commission to exclude tree trunks and stumps from being considered as 'green', since burning them for energy actually increases emissions compared to fossil fuels.

S├ębastien Godinot, Economist at WWF European Policy Office said:

"If the Commission gets the taxonomy right, the EU will have a ready-to-use map for green recovery, clearly showing where to invest for a more resilient and sustainable economy. But allowing the taxonomy to be too lax, or including the wrong sectors like nuclear or gas as sustainable, would undermine it from the get-go. We urge the Commission to take our ten asks into account."

The ten demands and full list of signatories are here.

The European Policy Office helps shape EU policies that impact on the European and global environment.