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UnitedConsumers' goal is to relieve consumers as much as possible in their monthly fixed costs.

Utilities (electricity and gas) are no exception. It's a must to have gas and electricity in your home, but it's not cheap. Consumers and small businesses pay hundreds a year. UnitedConsumers believes people could save up on these costs, so that they can use their saved money on the more fun things in life.

UnitedConsumers aspires to be environmentally conscious. Therefore they only deliver green energy. Members of UnitedConsumers Energy will always save 10% on their annual energy costs opposed to other supplers. All while becoming a member is easy: both consumers and small businesses can easily transfer their current energy contract to UnitedConsumers online or by phone.

By providing green energy for a reasonable price, UnitedConsumers tries to leave as little of a footprint as possible for as many Dutch consumers and businesses as possible.

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United Consumers

UnitedConsumers has been founded in 2000 with one goal: relieving consumers in their fixed montly costs as much as possible. By making deals with external parties, UC is able to give over half a million people discounts on products and services like health- and car insurance, fuel, mobile subscriptions and energy. By getting these discounts on costly products, UC participants save money that they can use on the more fun things in life.

Tel : 040 - 235 05 60