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Health insurance

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UnitedConsumers' goal to reduce monthly fixed costs for consumers is established by giving members as much of a discount as they possibly can.

This is also applicable to health insurance. In The Netherlands, health insurance is paid collectively by sharing costs across all Dutch inhabitants. This is in order to make health insurance affordable and accessible for everyone. Including expats. UnitedConsumers gives a little bit of extra help by offering a 10% discount on basic health insurance.

Dutch health insurance consists of a mandatory basic health insurance, while additional insurance can be chosen individually or not at all. If anyone works in The Netherlands as an expat, they are obligated to have Dutch health insurance for as long as their work lasts. Expats should own a health insurance within 5 months after the start of their Dutch residence permit.

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United Consumers

UnitedConsumers has been founded in 2000 with one goal: relieving consumers in their fixed montly costs as much as possible. By making deals with external parties, UC is able to give over half a million people discounts on products and services like health- and car insurance, fuel, mobile subscriptions and energy. By getting these discounts on costly products, UC participants save money that they can use on the more fun things in life.

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