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Nexus International Association opens doors to Russia for foreign companies

06 May 2010
by Nexus -- last modified 06 May 2010

Nexus-Europe GmbH has announced the formation of the Nexus International Association.


Nexus-Europe GmbH has announced the formation of the Nexus International Association. NIA is an exclusive membership opportunity for foreign companies interested in expanding their business into the fast growing Russian market. “Our sole purpose is to provide our members with the vital expertise and contacts required for them to successfully enter Russia and to remain competitive and profitable,” says Dr. Svetlana Mamkina, the founder and managing director of Nexus-Europe. NIA is Mamkina’s creation and she is the driving force behind it. Already she has received praise and endorsements from former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and from the prestigious organization Women In Government.

“My staff at Nexus is without equal,” Mamkina says with pride. “The collected expertise, education and professionalism of these men and women are the source of a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.” Add to that the government and business contacts that she has in Russia and it makes a powerful team. “You can have the greatest product in the world, but without good government contacts it can become very difficult to make progress in Russia . This is what makes Nexus International Association special.”

NIA members receive a consultation with Nexus which identifies their objectives and their place in Russia , and a recommended course of progressive services. The member has no obligation to take any services from Nexus. They can take them from other providers if they choose. As a full service company, Nexus does provide a complete menu of service, and these are available to NIA members at a discounted rate.

Those services include Market research and strategy planning; Strategy implementation and adjustment; Distribution networks within Russia; Government required certification, approvals and permits; Negotiation consulting and assistance; Professional legal, accounting and tax advice; Participation at industrial conferences and forums; Group pavilion at exhibitions; Individualized exhibition preparation; Professional quality interpreting and translation; Secretarial correspondence and telephone service in Russian and in the member’s language; Travel support and executive charter flights. "It''s everything any company will need, all available in one place," notes Mamkina.

Unlike other Associations, NIA is not limited to a single product or trade. "Our government and business contacts are wide, including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, medical, construction, agricultural and heavy equipment to name just a few.” Mamkina says. “That allows us to work with companies from a variety of industries.” Membership, though, is limited. "We are interested in results," Mamkina continues. "Not every company has the potential to be successful in Russia. Therefore we limit our membership to only the significant companies in their industry, with the products and services that we know we can interest Russian distributors in." That allows Nexus to keep its resources focused on a select membership group.

“PCVEXPO is a great choice for us to make our Pavilion,” Mamkina notes. “MVK organizes big, high quality shows with serious companies participating, and we will offer a lottery at our Pavilion which will give significant players in the field chances to win free memberships. Look," says Mamkina honestly, "if we try to help everyone, then no one will get proper service and results."

It certainly is not common for an association to turn away people wanting to pay the fees to become members. But NIA is definitely not a common membership association, and Nexus-Europe is definitely not a common company. "I couldn''t look myself in the mirror if I knew I wasn''t giving my members the full benefit of our resources," Mamkina says.

Nothing common about her either.

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The Nexus mission is to assist and promote foreign companies to expand successfully and profitably into the fast-growing Russian market. Nexus, as a holding company, is a network of dynamic subsidiary companies that function daily in this variety of fields. With Nexus it is never necessary for our clients to seek services from a multitude of other sources. Nexus and Nexus Holding subsidiary companies are operating daily in America, Europe and Russia. We are the only point of contact necessary to fulfill expansion strategies.

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