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Nexus-Europe aids foreign companies’ expansion into Russia

06 May 2010
by Nexus -- last modified 06 May 2010

The provider of exhibition and marketing services extends its reputation for reliability and results to companies throughout Europe with an eye toward Russia.


BERLIN — European companies interested in expanding into the growing Russian market are getting valuable help. Dr. Svetlana Mamkina founded Nexus-Europe to provide support staff and services to assist just such companies, and ever since European businesses have been enjoying the benefits. Already Mamkina has received praise and endorsements from former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and from the prestigious organization Women In Government.

“Our sole purpose is to provide our clients with the expertise and contacts required to be competitive and profitable in Russia,” says Mamkina. “My staff is without equal. Their expertise, education and professionalism provide a level of service unmatched elsewhere in the industry.”

That service includes market research; strategy planning; discovering potential distributors; professional interpreting and translation; acquisition of product certifications, approvals and permits; negotiation consulting and assistance; participation at industrial conferences, forums and round tables; group pavilion at trade exhibitions, as well as individualized exhibition preparation. "It's everything any company will ever need, all available in one place," notes Mamkina.

Unlike many other companies, Nexus is not limited to a single product or trade. "Our government and business contacts are wide, including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, medical, construction, agricultural and heavy equipment to name just a few,” Mamkina says. Nexus works with companies from many industries, preparing for them a plan of attack. “Strategy making and market research are critical,” Mamkina notes. “You have to identify where you fit in the marketplace, and who will benefit from your product or service.” Nexus prepares a market strategy and schedules meetings with the decision-makers who will be most receptive to their clients. “We leave nothing to chance,” says Mamkina with pride.

When Nexus sees a benefit for the client it recommends and arranges exhibition participation. Nexus, an official sales partner for numerous show organizers, helps the client identify shows with the most positive potential. “We can provide well located exhibition space, exclusive stand construction, booth support staff, hotel rooms, and can schedule meetings with customers and distributors, and organize conferences and exclusive round-tables,” Mamkina says, nearly out of breath. "Basically, our clients just need to show up and be ready to sell. We do the rest."

Nexus also is solving language barriers that exist in global business venues. “I have the finest interpreters in the industry,” says Mamkina. “Their mastery of the spoken language is equaled by their expertise to read, write and translate written materials.” Nexus frequently is asked to provide interpreters for trade shows, conferences, meetings and negotiations.

Often overlooked by foreign companies is Russian product certification. Without a certificate of conformity no product enters Russia for sale or distribution. “Certification in Russia is very difficult even for Russians. For foreigners it’s a nightmare,” Mamkina notes. Up to one hundred tests may be required under controlled government supervision to earn certification. This can be long and expensive, without certainty of a positive result. “My team makes the process understandable and, most important, quick and reliable,” says Mamkina.

The Nexus commitment to foreign companies is clear. “I believe the free flow of products and services benefit European companies, Russian companies and consumers alike. Anything to help make this a reality is the goal of me and my company,” Mamkina says.

Nexus makes this a reality every day.

Nexus-Europe GmbH
Tel: +49 30 343 30-519 (English, Russian)
Tel: +49 30 343 30-969 Mo-Tue 09:00 -12:00 (German, English, Russian)
Fax: +49 30 343 30 520

The Nexus mission is to assist and promote foreign companies to expand successfully and profitably into the fast-growing Russian market. Nexus, as a holding company, is a network of dynamic subsidiary companies that function daily in this variety of fields. With Nexus it is never necessary for our clients to seek services from a multitude of other sources. Nexus and Nexus Holding subsidiary companies are operating daily in America, Asia, Europe and Russia. We are the only point of contact necessary to fulfill expansion strategies.

Nexus-Europe GmbH