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On sale, but unsafe: EU risklist reports thousands of dodgy products

16 May 2013
by BEUC -- last modified 16 May 2013

A record number of 2,278 products were reported to the EU’s rapid alert system for dangerous consumer products (RAPEX) in 2012. The most frequent citings were for clothing, electrical appliances and toys.


Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, commented:

"The alert system RAPEX is key in enabling swift action when a risky product appears on the market. But the recurring high numbers are a disconcerting reminder that too many risky goods still reach the shelves of our shops. Monitoring authorities just aren't managing to stop the flow of hazardous items.

"More financial and human resources to supervise markets are indispensable steps. European countries should promptly pursue these. We also need to see better coordination of controls which are proportionate to the number of goods in question. Checking a product in each country when the bulk enters the EU at a single harbour does not make sense. Governments should quickly agree on European Commission plans for better cooperation at EU level and more effective controls."

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