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European Parliament shows no appetite for food from cloned animals

17 June 2015
by BEUC -- last modified 17 June 2015

The European Parliament’s Agriculture and Environment Committees have sent a strong signal of support of consumers’ rejection of food from cloned animals.


A majority of MEPs want cloning for food supply to be banned in Europe. They also voted to prohibit imports of clones, descendants of animal clones, reproductive material from clones and their descendants as well as food derived from these animals.

Cloning is used for food production in several of the EU's main trading partners, including the US. In response, MEPs suggest establishing an import certification system to enforce the cloning ban.

Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation commented:

"We are delighted the European Parliament has listened to consumers' concerns on cloning. It is one thing to use this technology to preserve an endangered species, it is a very different story when it comes to the production of meat and milk. 70% of Europeans say that cloning should not be encouraged for the supply of food.

"MEPs have fixed the flaws in the Commission's proposal. Those who disapprove of food derived from clones would be anything but fooled by a ban limited to food derived from animal clones while allowing food from clone descendants to continue to find its way onto consumers' plates, without indication.

"It is heartening that MEPs were unimpressed by threats of a trade war if the EU were to pass strong laws on cloning. While abiding by its trade obligations, the EU must remain free to adopt regulations which meet its citizens' expectations.

"We now look to the entire European Parliament to confirm today's vote in the autumn."

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