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EU plans to cap roaming phone charges face parliamentary hurdle 12 April 2007, 12:35 CET
An EU plan to cap the price operators can charge mobile phone users while abroad was expected to clear a key hurdle in the European Parliament on Thursday.

New EU rules tell truck drivers to work less, take more breaks 11 April 2007, 20:51 CET
New EU-wide regulations have come into force restricting the working week for lorry and coach drivers and requiring longer rest stops.

Europe's .eu a soaring success in cyberspace 11 April 2007, 19:47 CET
The .eu online domain name is enjoying a runaway success in cyberspace with over 2.5 million registered users during its first year.

UN report proves need to limit global warming: EU Commission 06 April 2007, 14:41 CET
A United Nations report on the potentially devastating effects of global warming provides new backing for the European Union's policy to limit climate change, the EU's executive body said Friday.

Slovak economic boom, 2009 euro entry on track 05 April 2007, 23:54 CET
Slovakia's economy is on track for further growth and should meet adoption criteria for the euro early 2009, the OECD said on Thursday.

Germany hails Polish step forward on EU talks with Russia 04 April 2007, 16:44 CET
Germany welcomes signs from Poland that it is ready to lift a veto on talks between the EU and Russia about a new cooperation pact.

EU offers full market access to former colonies 04 April 2007, 17:55 CET
The EU offered on Wednesday to scrap most tariffs and quotas on exports from African, Caribbean and Pacific nations to boost talks on new trade pacts, but the proposition quickly met with scorn.

South Korea set to start free trade talks with EU 04 April 2007, 13:47 CET
South Korea will soon start talks with the European Union for a similar free trade agreement that it recently struck with the United States.

Britain's Prince Charles slams 'crazy' EU laws on seeds 04 April 2007, 13:23 CET
Prince Charles describes as "crazy" EU legislation which prevents the sale of seeds from old vegetable varieties.

Eurozone services sector slows slightly in March: survey 04 April 2007, 13:26 CET
Growth in the eurozone 's service sector lost more steam in March but nonetheless remained at a high level.

Eurozone retail sales rise in February after German VAT hike 04 April 2007, 13:17 CET
Retailers in the 13 countries sharing the euro saw their sales rise in February as German spending bounced back from a value added tax hike the previous month, official EU data showed Wednesday.

EU cuts red tape for awarding EU funds 29 March 2007, 17:39 CET
New implementing rules for EU funds will simplify access to EU funding and cut associated administrative burdens, particularly for SMEs.

EU cuts red tape for awarding EU funds 29 March 2007, 16:40 CET
New implementing rules for EU funds will simplify access to EU funding and cut associated administrative burdens, particularly for SMEs.

Turkish Cypriot leader hopes for trade breakthrough by June 27 February 2007, 23:19 CET
Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat expressed optimism Tuesday that the economic isolation of the northern third of the divided island could be over by the end of June.

European Commission action against cartels – Questions and answers 21 February 2007, 14:06 CET
The European Commission defines a cartel as being an illegal secret agreement concluded between competitors to fix prices, restrict supply and/or divide up markets.

EU to propose lifting diesel taxes to avoid 'tank tourism' 12 February 2007, 00:29 CET
The EC is to propose lifting minimum diesel taxes to discourage hauliers from tanking up in countries with low rates.

EU earmarks a billion dollars to combat South African poverty 07 February 2007, 21:05 CET
The EU will hand over EUR 980m to the South African government in the next seven years to help fund anti-poverty programmes

British bird flu outbreak barely scratches sales 06 February 2007, 23:24 CET
Turkey sales in Britain remain largely unaffected by the discovery of lethal Asian-strain bird flu on a farm, with the public taking the latest health scare in their stride, experts said on Tuesday.

EU Commission seeks more smoking bans 30 January 2007, 19:00 CET
The European Commission is to launch a wide debate on increasing smoke-free areas throughout the EU.

Bulgaria, Romania make it to EU 04 January 2007, 18:26 CET
Former communist states Bulgaria and Romania celebrated Monday their New Year's accession to the European Union even as new EU president Germany warned that painful reforms were still needed.

Britain out to bring new Ukranian government closer to EU 08 August 2006, 13:25 CET
Britain wants to work with the new Ukrainian government to implement the reforms needed to bring the former Soviet republic closer to the European Union fold, the Foreign Office in London said Tuesday.