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EU proposes stronger measures against human trafficking 30 March 2010, 17:38 CET
The European Commission today proposed new rules to step up the fight against trafficking in human beings. The new proposal will help to combat modern slavery by ensuring consistency of national rules on crimes and penalties, better assistance for victims and tougher action to prosecute criminals responsible for trafficking.

Mergers: Commission approves the acquisition of an IBM Corp unit 30 March 2010, 17:40 CET
The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition by Dassault Systèmes of France of a unit of IBM Corp of the United States that currently distributes its Product Life Management (PLM) software products.

EU backs greater police cooperation to combat organised crime 29 March 2010, 17:40 CET
At a seminar organised by the European Police College, Antonio Camacho, Spanish Secretary of State for Home Affairs, spoke in favour of increased international cooperation and improved training to fight international and globalised crime.

The Court of Auditors' Annual Activity Report 2009 01 April 2010, 15:27 CET
The European Court of Auditors has published its Annual Activity Report for 2009 today.

EU ends antitrust investigation into Baltic shipping pact 29 March 2010, 17:40 CET
The European Commission has closed an investigation into a potential breach of EU competition rules in the planned "Baltic Max Feeder" scheme for "feeder" vessel owners since the scheme was abandoned.

MEPs urge transaction tax to help developing countries 25 March 2010, 20:53 CET
EU Member States should bring in a financial transactions tax and consider a temporary debt moratorium for developing countries, says the European Parliament. In a resolution adopted at their plenary session in Brussels today, MEPs said this would help developing countries to cope with the effects of the global financial and economic crisis.

Labelling of farm produce should be compulsory: Euro-MPs 26 March 2010, 10:14 CET
Legislation should be brought in to make labelling of farm produce compulsory, the European Parliamewnt said in Brussels today. as this will give consumers valuable information about food quality and can boost farmers' competitiveness.

Migrants at sea: MEPs lay guidelines for EU border patrols 26 March 2010, 10:26 CET
Today, MEPs voted with absolute majority in favour of non-binding EU guidelines saying that border patrols have a moral duty to rescue migrant in distress at sea.

New EU-US negotiations on bank data transfers on the cards 24 March 2010, 23:42 CET
The Commission today adopted a draft mandate for negotiating bank data transfers with the United States government under the Terrorist Financing Tracking Programme (TFTP). The Commission wants to complete an agreement this summer to limit gaps in security.

EU begins review of Working Time Directive 25 March 2010, 00:42 CET
The European Commission has requested the views of workers' and employers' representatives on the options for reviewing EU rules on working time. This is the first step towards a comprehensive review of the Working Time Directive.

Lithuania withdraws proposed regulation on telecoms 26 March 2010, 11:34 CET
On 16 March 2010 the Lithuanian Authority, Ryšių reguliavimo tarnyba (RRT), informed the European Commission that it was withdrawing its proposed measure on network infrastructure access markets. The Commission had earlier this month raised serious doubts about the compatibility of the proposed regulation with the principles of EU competition law.

MEPs adopt a common position on delegated legislation 26 March 2010, 12:44 CET
On Tuesday, the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee unanimously agreed its position on how the delegation of powers to the European Commission, introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, should be carried out.

EC looks to boost European Company 25 March 2010, 14:17 CET
The European Commission has launched a public consultation to determine whether changes are needed to make the European Company Statute (SE) work better. With the review of the SE Statute, the Commission is aiming to increase the use of the SE across the EU.

Football clubs eligible for compensation, EU Court rules 23 March 2010, 20:39 CET
The European Court of Justice has ruled that football clubs who have trained and prepared young players may seek compensation if that player wishes to sign their first contract with a different club within the European Union.

Paying with euros: new Commission recommendation 23 March 2010, 13:28 CET
The European Commission has adopted a recommendation on the legal tender of the euro banknotes and coins. The recommendation gives useful guiding on many practical questions related to payments with euro banknotes and coins.

EP boost for organ transplants 23 March 2010, 13:23 CET
Last week, the European Parliament Environment and Public Health Committee approved common European rules on organ transplants, which should make transplants easier, faster and safer. Parliament is scheduled to vote on the proposals on 18 May.

EU innovation scoreboard calls for performance pick-up 21 March 2010, 00:51 CET
The ninth edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is out and preliminary data show that the economic crisis impacting Europe is also affecting the progress of innovation across the region. The majority of EU Member States may have posted stronger innovation performance results in 2008, but countries with lower innovation performance levels are likely to be responsible for reversing the convergence process that the EU has undergone in the last few years.

Commission approves acquisition of Edscha by Gestamp Automoción 20 March 2010, 00:32 CET
The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of the hinge and control systems unit of Edscha AG of Germany by Gestamp Automoción S.L. of Spain.

Euro-MPs vote to tighten security of gas supplies 19 March 2010, 23:46 CET
The European Parliament's Industry Committee has proposed a strenthening of gas crisis prevention measures, laying down new requirements for plans to offset any serious disruptions to gas supplies from third countries.

EC facilitates use of mobile phones on ships 20 March 2010, 00:37 CET
The European Commission has adopted new rules to make it easier for passengers and crews on ships to use their mobile phones whilst in European waters.

Commission requests exit tax changes 18 March 2010, 22:33 CET
The European Commission has formally requested Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands to change tax rules which impose an immediate exit tax when companies transfer their seat or assets to another EU Member State.

EC acts against 12 Member States on implementation of EU rules 18 March 2010, 22:35 CET
The European Commission has taken action against a total of 12 Member States on implementing EU Internal Market rules in the areas of acquisitions in the financial sector, pension funds, shareholders’ rights, and anti-money laundering.

Europe raises red flag on future of animal species 17 March 2010, 23:17 CET
The European Red List, a review of the conservation status of some 6,000 European species, is hot off the press and the results are not good. The data, which are compiled with the support of European Commission funding, show that 14% of dragonflies, 11% of beetles and 9% of butterflies are at risk of extinction within Europe. Even more alarming is the fact that some of these species are threatened with extinction at the global level. These species have been added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species (TM).

Euro-MPs opt for clearer food labelling rules 17 March 2010, 13:21 CET
The European Parliament's Environment Committee on Tuesday approved draft legislation on clearer and more informative new food labelling rules which require new information on energy content and nutritional value.

EU green light for Slovenian short-term export-credit insurance scheme 19 March 2010, 00:09 CET
The European Commission has authorised, under EU state aid rules, a measure adopted by Slovenia to limit the adverse impact of the current financial crisis on export firms.