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European Commission action against cartels – Questions and answers
The European Commission defines a cartel as being an illegal secret agreement concluded between competitors to fix prices, restrict supply and/or divide up markets.

EU to propose lifting diesel taxes to avoid 'tank tourism'
The EC is to propose lifting minimum diesel taxes to discourage hauliers from tanking up in countries with low rates.

EU earmarks a billion dollars to combat South African poverty
The EU will hand over EUR 980m to the South African government in the next seven years to help fund anti-poverty programmes

British bird flu outbreak barely scratches sales
Turkey sales in Britain remain largely unaffected by the discovery of lethal Asian-strain bird flu on a farm, with the public taking the latest health scare in their stride, experts said on Tuesday.

EU Commission seeks more smoking bans
The European Commission is to launch a wide debate on increasing smoke-free areas throughout the EU.

Slovenia's changeover to euro runs smoothly
The first hours of Slovenia's changeover from its tolar money to the euro ran smoothly after the tiny nation became the first former communist state to join the EU common currency.

Bulgaria, Romania make it to EU
Former communist states Bulgaria and Romania celebrated Monday their New Year's accession to the European Union even as new EU president Germany warned that painful reforms were still needed.

Britain out to bring new Ukranian government closer to EU
Britain wants to work with the new Ukrainian government to implement the reforms needed to bring the former Soviet republic closer to the European Union fold, the Foreign Office in London said Tuesday.