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'Fairer rules' on social security agreed for workers abroad
The EU institutions came to a provisional agreement Wednesday on new rules to ensure 'fair and clear' access to social security benefits for EU workers who have moved to a different EU country.

EU ecodesign and energy labels under auditors' scrutiny
The European Court of Auditors said Wednesday it is assessing the contribution EU measures for ecodesign and the energy labelling of products make to EU energy efficiency and environmental objectives.

Google hit with EUR 1.49 bn EU fine for antitrust advertising practices
The EU Commission fined Google EUR 1.49 billion Wednesday for breaching EU antitrust rules, saying restrictive clauses in its ads contracts with websites prevented rivals placing search adverts on those websites.

Brussels launches 'eLeniency' tool to help break cartels
A new online 'eLeniency' tool, launched by the EU on Tuesday, is aimed at making it it easier for companies and lawyers to submit documents as part of leniency and settlement proceedings in cartel cases.

Brexit: EU adopts 'no-deal' contingency measures
The EU Council adopted Tuesday a series of legislative acts as part of its contingency preparations for a 'no-deal' Brexit, aiming to limit the most severe damage a disorderly Brexit would cause business and citizens.

EU paves way for safe operation of drones
The European Commission adopted common EU-wide rules for drones Tuesday, setting technical requirements and features and capabilities that drones must have in order to be flown safely.

Russian disinformation main source of fake news in Europe, say MEPs
Russia's disinformation campaigns are the main source of fake news in Europe, along with China, Iran and North Korea, MEPs said Thursday, calling on the EU to fight back against hostile propaganda.

Brussels adopts framework for intelligent transport
The EU Commission adopted Wednesday new rules stepping up the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems on Europe's roads, a key stage in enabling communication among vehicles.

Supervision of organic imports needs to be improved: EU auditors
While the control system for organic products in the EU has improved in recent years, action is needed on the supervision of imports as well as on product traceability, says a European Court of Auditors report.

Drug use increase in European cities: wastewater report
The latest findings from the largest European project in the emerging science of wastewater analysis were presented Thursday by the Europe-wide SCORE group, in association with the EU drugs agency.

Foreign ownership of European companies on the rise
There has been a continuous rise in foreign company ownership in key sectors in the EU and an increase in investments from emerging economies such as China, a report detailing foreign direct investment in the EU shows.

EU adds Bermuda, UAE to revised tax haven blacklist
EU finance ministers added Bermuda, the United Arabic Emirates and eight other jurisdictions to a list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes Tuesday, bringing to 15 the number of countries on the list.

Agreement paves way for better VAT collection on online sales
EU Member States reached agreement Tuesday on detailed measures needed to simplify VAT rules for sales of goods online, also ensuring that online marketplaces play their part in the fight against tax fraud.

MEPs call for tougher cyber-security to counter Chinese 5G threat
The EU Parliament called Tuesday for action at EU level on the security threats linked to China’s growing technological presence in the EU, as it adopted a new Cybersecurity certification scheme for products, processes and services.

First EU whistleblower law 'to protect interests of citizens'
EU negotiators reached an agreement Tuesday on rules to protect whistleblowers, with a new system to protect and encourage reporting of breaches of EU law in a range of areas including tax fraud and public procurement.

Consumer goods to get simpler EU energy labels
New energy efficiency labels for lighting, fridges, TV screens, dishwashers and washing machines, adopted Monday by the EU Commission, will enable consumers to better understand how much energy their appliances consume.

Brussels accepts Disney, Sony commitments on pay-TV
The European Commission accepted Thursday commitments offered by Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Sky regarding concerns over film licensing contracts for pay-TV with Sky UK.

European water quality set for EU upgrade
The EU Council adopted its position Tuesday on a proposal to revise the drinking water directive, a result of the first-ever successful European citizens' initiative, launched to ensure that water remains a public service and a public good.

Food agency must reveal glyphosate studies: EU Court
The EU's top Court annulled Thursday decisions by the EU food agency EFSA to refuse access to studies on the toxicity and carcinogenicity of the pesticide glyphosate, which the World Health Organisation has linked to cancer.

Europe brings about step change on migration, but challenges remain
The EU took stock Wednesday of progress made over the past 4 years on its migration agenda, claiming significant progress in difficult circumstances, and setting out measures still required to address the migration challenges.

EU to start screening foreign direct investment from April
A set of new rules to scrutinise foreign direct investments on the grounds of security or public order will come into force from April, following their green light Tuesday by the EU Council.

EU hits car safety equipment suppliers with EUR 368m cartel fine
The EU Commission fined Autoliv and TRW EUR 368,277,000 for breaching EU antitrust rules Tuesday. Autoliv, TRW and Takata took part in two cartels to supply car seatbelts, airbags and steering wheels to European car producers.

EU and Qatar sign aviation agreement, first with a Gulf state
The EU Commission and the State of Qatar initialled Monday an aviation agreement - the first such agreement between the EU and a Gulf state, upgrading the rules and standards for flights between Qatar and the EU.

MEPs vote to end biannual clock change in Europe
The last Sunday in March 2021 could mark the end of seasonal changes of time in the EU, following a vote Monday by the European Parliament's Transport and Tourism Committee to end biannual clock changes.

EU on the right track towards a circular economy: report
The European Union is making good progress on the road to a climate-neutral, competitive circular economy, the EU Commission declared Monday as it published a report on implementation of its 'Circular Economy Action Plan'.