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Putin's Russia and the Enlarged Europe (Chatham House Papers)

Author: Roy Allison, Margot Light, Stephen White
Price £19.99
Publisher Blackwell Publishing
Publication date 01 November 2006
ISBN 978-1405126472
Publication synopsis The enlargement of the European Union and NATO requires new relationships with Russia that take account of its greater self-reliance under President Putin but also its continued need for engagement in Europe. There are serious choices to be made on both sides about the obstacles to good relations, and about the policies to enable a form of Russian 'inclusion without membership'. In this authoritative work, which draws on extensive interviews with Russian decision-makers as well as a body of new survey evidence, official sources and recent published debates, the authors examine recent changes in Russia's relations with the EU and NATO and explore the patterns of support for these various orientations among its own elites and public. A final chapter anticipates the issues that will become increasingly prominent, including competition in the 'common neighbourhood' and controversy over the role of values in shaping Russia's future position in Europe.

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