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Challenges and prospects in the EU: Quality of life and public services

Author: Anderson, Robert; Dubois, Hans; Fernández Ortiz, Elena; Fóti, Klára; Jungblut, Jean-Marie; Kulic, Nevena; Leončikas, Tadas; Ludwinek, Anna; Molinuevo, Daniel; Sándor, Eszter; van der Schans, Corine
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Publisher European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)
Publication date 22 October 2019
ISBN 978-92-897-1958-2
Publication synopsis What have been the major developments in quality of life and public services in Europe in recent years, as captured by research into these areas in Eurofound’s work programme for 2017–2020? This flagship publication provides a synthesis of the main findings on several key topics, based, in part, on European Quality of Life Survey data. It maps developments and perceptions regarding the following: trust in institutions and social cohesion; access to and quality of health and care services; the impact of digitalisation on social services; access to services for young people; and measures aimed at integrating refugees. While the report highlights many challenges and emerging issues for public services, it also showcases a number of positive experiences with the involvement of client groups in the design of services and take-up of new technologies.

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