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Bird's eye view of Latvia

Author: Juris Kalnins
Price FREE
Publisher European Economic and Social Committee
Publication date 24 February 2015
ISBN 978-92-830-2650-1
Publication synopsis This exhibition is all about revealing the beauty of the Earth. When you fly above our earth in an airplane all the details begin to merge, the daily bustle of life disappears, puffy cumulus clouds float by as if a white flock of sheep as you traverse the broad heavens. Stunning landscapes open up before your very eyes – all of this has of course been superbly described by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry and Richard Bach. But this exhibition is about the particular beauty of Latvia, about Latvia’s green forests, its winding rivers, the fields that farmers till, the fascination of marshes and other landscapes as seen from above, the mystery of the Old City streets of Rīga and the majesty of its churches as they reach toward heaven.

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