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Opening the Door? Immigration and Integration in the EU

Author: Vit Novotny (Editor)
Price GBP 20
Publisher Centre for European Studies
Publication date 19 September 2012
ISBN 978-2930632117
Publication synopsis Migration into the EU and the integration of immigrants are matters that will be decisive for the future of Europe. The Centre for European Studies (CES), the political foundation of the EPP, and its Member Foundations, have therefore created this in-depth study of immigration and integration policies in countries across the EU. This book, the first produced by a European political foundation in cooperation with its member organisations, covers thirteen EU countries and one region, as well as the EU itself. It suggests expanding legal avenues for migration so as to meet labour and skill shortages in the EU. Recognising that illegal immigration undermines the rule of law, the Member States and the EU should continue to exchange information and examples of good practice in tackling illegal immigration. The EU should also improve its integration policies, working with Member States to increase the employment rate of legal immigrants and to encourage their civic and political participation.

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