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23 November 2009, 00:20 CET offers a selection of books for business on the European Union, EU legislation and European affairs.

 Title   Author   Type   Modified 
Small and Medium Sized Companies in Europe: Environmental Performance, Competitiveness and Management: International EU Case Studies Amazon Book 27 May 2008, 23:36 CET
Smart Business Solutions for E-commerce (EU-Smart Solutions) Amazon Book 27 May 2008, 23:36 CET
SMEs and European Integration: Internationalisation Strategies (Routledge Studies in the European Economy) Amazon Book 27 May 2008, 23:36 CET
The Case for Kosova: Passage to Independence EUbusiness Book 20 February 2008, 23:44 CET
Legal Responses to Trafficking in Women for Sexual Exploitation in the European Union (Modern Studies in European Law) EUbusiness Book 13 March 2008, 00:06 CET
Tupe - Law and Practice: An Overview EUbusiness Book 24 October 2007, 19:56 CET
Turkey and the European Union: Internal Dynamics and External Challenges EUbusiness Book 07 November 2007, 13:54 CET
Turkey in the European Union: Implications for Agriculture, Food and Structural Policy (Cabi Publishing): Implications for Agriculture, Food and Structural Policy EUbusiness Book 07 November 2007, 13:59 CET
Turkey and Central and Eastern European Countries in Transition: Towards Membership of the EU EUbusiness Book 07 November 2007, 13:46 CET
Ukraine, the EU and Russia: History, Culture and International Relations EUbusiness Book 17 October 2007, 16:44 CET
The U.N. Framework Convention on Climatic Change Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) Pilot: Experiences and Lessons Learned (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies) EUbusiness Book 23 January 2008, 00:18 CET
Women, Universities, and Change: Gender Equality in the European Union and the United States (Issues in Higher Education): Gender Equality in the European ... United States (Issues in Higher Education) EUbusiness Book 12 March 2008, 23:49 CET
The World Is a Ghetto EUbusiness Book 05 December 2007, 21:08 CET
The Year of the Euro: The Cultural, Social, and Political Import of Europe's Common Currency (Contemporary European Politics and Society): The Cultural, ... (Contemporary European Politics and Society) EUbusiness Book 08 January 2008, 18:08 CET
European Company Survey 2013 EUbusiness Book 19 February 2015, 00:11 CET
Car prices within the European Union EU Bookshop Book 03 November 2011, 23:08 CET
2016 Report on the Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights EUbusiness Book 18 May 2017, 14:03 CET
European Competitiveness Report 2014 - Helping Firms Grow EUbusiness Book 11 September 2014, 22:59 CET
European Union support programmes for SMEs EUbusiness Book 24 January 2013, 11:43 CET
Job creation in SMEs: ERM annual report 2015 EUbusiness Book 11 February 2016, 16:47 CET
Trends and projections in Europe 2016 - Tracking progress towards Europe's climate and energy targets EUbusiness Book 08 November 2016, 23:18 CET
Self-employed or not self-employed? Working conditions of ‘economically dependent workers’ - Background paper Eurofound Book 22 October 2013, 16:54 CET
The European Union: Economics and Policies - 9th Edition The European Bookshop Book 13 October 2011, 23:06 CET
European Climate and Clean Energy Law and Policy The European Bookshop Book 13 October 2011, 23:04 CET
Regulation of labour market intermediaries and the role of social partners in preventing trafficking of labour Eurofound Book 04 May 2016, 23:43 CET
Legal Aspects of Brexit: Implications of the United Kingdom's Decision to Withdraw from the European Union EUbusiness Book 22 June 2017, 13:38 CET
How To Run The European Parliament EUbusiness Book 12 January 2015, 17:47 CET
The future of the transport industry EUbusiness Book 19 March 2015, 23:48 CET
Understanding crowdfunding and its regulations - How can crowdfunding help ICT innovation? EUbusiness Book 19 March 2015, 23:51 CET
Bird's eye view of Latvia EUbusiness Book 19 March 2015, 23:54 CET
Differential treatment of workers under 25 with a view to their access to the labour market EUbusiness Book 19 March 2015, 23:57 CET
Abstract reasoning MCQ for European institution competitions 2013 Amazon UK Book 17 April 2013, 17:17 CET
The EU Environmental Liability Directive: A Commentary Amazon UK Book 17 April 2013, 17:33 CET
Digital Companies and Their Fair Share of Taxes: Myths and Misconceptions EUbusiness Book 20 February 2018, 18:45 CET
Churchill on Europe: The Untold Story of Churchill's European Project EUbusiness Book 07 July 2016, 22:26 CET
In Defence of Europe: Can the European Project Be Saved? EUbusiness Book 07 July 2016, 22:32 CET
The Future of Farming - UK agricultural policy after Brexit EUbusiness Book 31 January 2018, 23:45 CET
Health and social responses to drug problems: a European guide EUbusiness Book 25 October 2017, 23:46 CET
Frontiers of Fear: Immigration and Insecurity in the United States and Europe Amazon Book 14 June 2012, 22:56 CET
Plunkett's E-Commerce & Internet Business Almanac 2012 Amazon Book 23 April 2012, 18:46 CET
Competition Law - 7th Ed The European Bookshop Book 02 February 2012, 21:19 CET
Renewable energy in Europe 2017: recent growth and knock-on effects - EEA report EUbusiness Book 04 April 2017, 00:15 CET
Development Policy of the European Union (The European Union Series) Amazon Book 07 March 2012, 22:47 CET
Labour Market and Wage Developments in Europe - Annual Review 2017 EUbusiness Book 15 October 2017, 23:36 CET
Europe's Economic Crisis: Transatlantic Perspectives Amazon Book 10 May 2012, 22:01 CET
Legal Responses to Transnational and International Crimes - Towards an Integrative Approach EUbusiness Book 22 February 2018, 22:42 CET
The UK Referendum - and the Future of the European Project - ECIPE Policy Brief EUbusiness Book 09 June 2016, 20:34 CET
Migrating Towards Participation: Immigrants and Their Descendants in the Political Process CES Book 05 November 2012, 16:49 CET
The Economic Outlook after the UK Referendum: A First Assessment for the Euro Area and the EU EUbusiness Book 19 July 2016, 21:17 CET
Blue Growth Strategy - Towards more sustainable growth and jobs in the blue economy EUbusiness Book 06 April 2017, 23:30 CET
Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit EUbusiness Book 14 June 2017, 00:17 CET
European Union & Public Affairs Directory 2013: EPAD Amazon UK Book 04 September 2013, 17:14 CET
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