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For a New Europeanism

Author: Federico Ottavio Reho
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Publisher Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies
Publication date 14 September 2017
Publication synopsis Just as it did seventy years ago, European integration today has four strategic objectives: peace, security, prosperity and identity. However, 'mainstream Europeanism' - the current European consensus—seems increasingly incapable of providing the right vision for a successful continuation of the European project. To meet the present challenges of European integration and secure unity across the continent, we should develop a new Europeanism that promotes stronger integration in defence, foreign policy and border control, while putting greater emphasis on decentralisation, national autonomy, economic reforms and cultural traditions. This would put into practice the EU's motto 'Unity in diversity' and give precise content to the ideal of an EU that is 'big on big things and small on small things'. The Martens Centre “Future of Europe” series aims to contribute to the continental debate launched by the European Commission with its White Paper on the Future of Europe, published in March 2017. It is designed to stimulate frank and innovative reflections on possible ways ahead for the European project, hoping that this will ultimately contribute to strengthening it.

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