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Macroeconomic Policies for EU Accession

Author: Erdem Basci (Editor), Subidey Togan (Editor), Jurgen von Hagen (Editor)
Price £81.94
Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Publication date 16 April 2007
ISBN 978-1847200006
Publication synopsis What macroeconomic requirements must Turkey meet in its quest to accede to the European Union? This book, with its distinguished contributors - well-known economists and policymakers - examines and analyses these macroeconomic challenges confronting Turkey. Although the focus is on the specific situation of Turkey, the lessons are informative for other candidate countries and the findings directly relevant to the process of European integration. The book is divided into four parts: fiscal policies and sustainability of public finances; monetary policy challenges; preconditions for euro adoption; and, sustainable regimes of capital movements. Each topic is studied in two consecutive papers concentrating first on the challenges faced by the countries of the EU, and then by Turkey. Several papers review the experiences from the previous round of EU accession and the implications of these for Turkey. "Macroeconomic Policies for EU Accession" will appeal to policymakers, bureaucrats and academics interested in the macroeconomic problems of EU accession and European integration.

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