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Britain in the European Union Today (Politics Today)

Author: Duncan Watts, Colin Pilkington
Price £14.99
Publisher Manchester University Press; 3Rev Ed edition
Publication date 29 September 2005
ISBN 0719071798
Publication synopsis Duncan Watts, the author of three previous books on the European Union and Britain's relationship with it, has produced a new account of this 'uneasy partnership'. This edition is based on the original by Colin Pilkington and provides a review of how European Unity has been handled by British governments and politics. The contents has been updated to include all new developments including the proposed new consititution and the euro-elections of 2004. Additional material also considers the role of pressure groups within the Union and the approach adopted by British Lobbyists. As an up-to-date edition of a well established text, this book will be essential reading for students and teachers interested in the relationship between Britain and Europe.

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