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Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union

Author: Harold Clarke, Matthew Goodwin & Paul Whiteley (editors)
Price GBP 15.99
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publication date 20 April 2017
ISBN 978-1316605042
Publication synopsis A new book co-authored by the University of Kent’s Professor Matthew Goodwin has provided the first comprehensive and objective study of the United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union. Through the book, Professor Goodwin and his co-authors Professor Harold D. Clarke and Professor Paul Whiteley show that, although arguments about national sovereignty were prominent themes in the Leave campaign, strong public concern over the large number of migrants entering the country was front and centre to the Leave victory. They also discuss how Boris Johnson in particular had a significant, positive effect on the vote to Leave, helping to mobilise ‘polite Eurosceptics’, and the significant effect of UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage on the Leave vote. Their book, entitled Brexit – Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union (Cambridge University Press, Published in the UK on May 4th), is based on extensive analysis of more than 10 years of survey data on more than 150,000 voters. It also draws on an innovative pre and post-referendum panel survey and a unique survey of UKIP members.

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