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Silvio Berlusconi: Television, Power and Patrimony

Author: Paul Ginsborg
Price £8.99
Publisher Verso Books; New Ed edition
Publication date 01 October 2005
ISBN 1844675416
Publication synopsis Silvio Berlusconi's personal conduct lends itself easily to lampooning, but, as Paul Ginsborg argues in this updated paperback edition of his acclaimed biography, his reliance on force of personality and media savvy alongside a laissez-faire political stance adds up to a corrosive combination with far-reaching consequences for the future of Italian democratic politics. Furthermore, his trajectory has a lot to teach us about crucial trends emerging on the worldwide stage. The personalization of politics at a time of crisis in representative democracy, the growth of influential media dynasties, the promotion of a model of family life dependent on commercial television and shopping: these are themes which will ring bells of recognition with readers worldwide. Ginsborg suggests that Berlusconi's opportunistic grasping of power is a consequence of significant weaknesses in contemporary left-wing politics, a trend rapidly becoming ubiquitous. Combining the techniques of classic biography with razor-sharp political and social analysis, Ginsborg handles the complexities of the Italian political and media arenas deftly, whilst never losing sight of what this might mean on a global scale.

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