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EU books offers a selection of books for business on the European Union, EU legislation and European affairs.

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Sustainable work throughout the life course: National policies and strategies Book
Conceptual Gaps in China-EU Relations: Global Governance, Human Rights and Strategic Partnerships Book
EU Employment Law Book
Assessing the exposure of EU27 regions and cities to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union - European Committee of the Regions Book
Five Questions about the Digital Services Tax to Pierre Moscovici Book
Eurofound Annual work programme 2015 Book
Factsheet: A European Agenda on Security - state of play December 2016 Book
Building Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skills in the EU - Guidebook Series: Hands-on advice for SMEs Book
Using standards to support growth, competitiveness and innovation - Guidebook Series: Hands-on advice for SMEs Book 2012: The Directory for Brussels Book
The Trump tariffs on steel and aluminium: the end of the WTO? Book
Accuracy and Precision - Prioritising and Organising - Preparing for European institution AST competitions Book
Assessing UK Trade Policy Readiness Book
Eurofound Programming document 2017–2020 Book
The future of European Gas Markets: Balancing act between decarbonisatoin and security of supply: 1 (Energy Scenario's and Policy) Book
Introduction to EU Energy Law Book
Sweden, UK and the EU: Managing post-Brexit Relations and Defining a new Agenda for European Competitiveness - Policy Brief No. 1/2019 Book
The Resilience of Students with an Immigrant Background Book
Child-friendly justice - Perspectives and experiences of children involved in judicial proceedings as victims, witnesses or parties in nine EU Member States Book
Health at a Glance: Europe 2016 - State of Health in the EU Cycle (OECD-EU) Book
UK, EU and Global Administrative Law: Foundations and Challenges (The Hamlyn Lectures) Book
Permanent Atlas of the European Union Book
The Next Steps for the Digital Single Market: From Where do We Start? Book
Restrictions to Cross-Border Data Flows: a Taxonomy Book
Britain and the Crisis of the European Union - Kindle Edition Book
Europe and the Eurozone: No Vision, No Strategy? Book
2013 General Report - Activities of the European Union Book
Working time patterns for sustainable work - Eurofound report Book
EU Treaties and Legislation Book
Eurobarometer 90 - Public opinion in the European Union Book
The Ultimate EU Career Development Book Book
Employment and Social Developments in Europe - Quarterly Review - Autumn 2016 Book
Democracy and Legitimacy in an Economic Union Book
Comitology: Hijacking European Power? New Edition October 2011 Book
The European Union in the Security of Europe - From Cold War to Terror War Book
Understanding the Common Agricultural Policy Book
International Trade Disputes and EU Liability (Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy) Book
Schuman Report on Europe, State of the Union 2016 Book
Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe, 2014 - 2019 Book
Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work Book
Blockchain and Trade: Not a Fix for Brexit, but Could Revolutionise Global Value Chains (If Governments Let It) Book
Taxation trends in the European Union 2016 Book
The Decline and Fall of Europe Book
EU Budget 2011 Financial Report Book
For a New Europeanism Book
Doing Business 2013: Smarter Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises Book
Spring 2017 Economic Forecast Book
Trans fatty acids in Europe: where do we stand? Book
Information Disorder : Toward an interdisciplinary framework for research and policy making Book
Eurofound News, Issue 7, July/August 2017 Book
How To Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again) Book
The EU in 2016 - General Report - Activities of the European Union Book
EU Citizenship Report 2017 - Strengthening Citizens' Rights in a Union of Democratic Change Book
Eurostat regional yearbook 2017 Book
Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union Book
Innovation Union competitiveness report 2011 Book
Europe and South-East Asia: An Exercise in Diplomatic Patience Book
Brexit: How Britain left Europe Book
Convenient Truths - Mapping climate agendas of right-wing populist parties in Europe Book
Impasse in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body - Consequences and Responses Book
Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU 2018 Book
Deepening EU-Ukrainian Relations: What, Why and How? Book
The Political Economy of European Banking Union Book
European Union Foreign Policy: From Effectiveness to Functionality (Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics) Book
Against the Troika: Crisis and Austerity in the Eurozone Book
Health inequalities in the EU - final report of a consortium Book
European Union & Public Affairs Directory 2014 Book
Changes in remuneration and reward systems - Eurofound Book
Essential EU Climate Law Book
Shaping Europe: 50 ideas for a better future - EYE report 2016 Book
EU sanctions against Russia impact on reported restructuring job losses in Europe - Eurofound ERM Quarterly Book
2018 EU trade defence report Book
EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly review - June 2013 Book
The European Union and Member State Territories: A New Legal Framework Under the EU Treaties Book
Automotive Transmission Systems Market Report 2017-2027 Book
Members of the European Parliament Online: The Use of Social Media in Political Marketing Book
Blockchain now and tomorrow: Assessing multidimensional impacts of distributed ledger technologies Book
Doing Business in the European Union 2018: Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal and Slovakia Book
Special report No 17/2017: The Commission's intervention in the Greek financial crisis Book
Europe's Border Crisis: Biopolitical Security and Beyond Book
Quality of life in European cities 2020 Book
Standard Essential Patents and the Quest for Faster Diffusion of Technology Book
Cumulative economic impact of future trade agreements on EU agriculture Book
Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism - Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU Book
Can the Eastern Partnership work? Book
Standing Up for Competition: Market Concentration, Regulation, and Europe's Quest for a New Industrial Policy Book
Special Report of the European Ombudsman in strategic inquiry OI/2/2017/TE on the transparency of the Council legislative process Book
Facilitating Transfer of Business - Guidebook Series: Hands-on advice for SMEs Book
The Smart Guide to Service Innovation - Guidebook Series: Hands-on advice for SMEs Book
Free movement of Europeans - Taking stock of a misunderstood right Book
Stealing thunder - Will cyber espionage be allowed to hold Europe back in the global race for industrial competitiveness? Book
Manufacturing Discontent: The Rise to Power of Anti-TTIP Groups - ECIPE OCCASIONAL PAPER 02/2016 Book
Changing places: Mid-career review and internal mobility Book
The Future of Europe - Towards a Two-Speed EU? Book
Integrated dataset for European Working Conditions Survey 1991-2015 Book
Opening the Door? Immigration and Integration in the EU Book
Second quarterly report of the Task Force for Greece Book
The Court of Justice and the Construction of Europe: Analyses and Perspectives on Sixty Years of Case-law - La Cour de Justice et la Construction de ... Perspectives de Soixante Ans de Jurisprudence Book
The 2012 EU SURVEY on R&D Investment Business Trends Book
The European Central Bank, the Eurosystem, the European System of Central Banks Book
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