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Brussels signals overhaul of EU intellectual property system

Brussels signals overhaul of EU intellectual property system

The EU Commission published an action pan on Intellectual Property Wednesday, to help smaller firms in particular make the most of their inventions and creations and ensure Europe benefits fully from them.

New EU pharma strategy to make medicines affordable

A new pharmaceutical strategy, adopted Wednesday by the EU Commission, offers patients access to affordable medicines and supports competitiveness and innovation in Europe's pharma industry.

EU gender equality plan puts women's rights at heart of global recovery

The EU executive and its foreign affairs arm put forward ambitious plans Wednesday to promote gender equality and women's empowerment through all external action of the European Union.


Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on Britain's decision to withdraw from membership of the European Union.

SMEs prepare for Brexit in 50 days

With Brexit entering into force in 50 days, SMEs should speed up their readiness for the new trade situation, including new customs rules, transport requirements, phytosanitary tests, etc.

Procurement and Contract Officer, European Defence Agency

The European Defence Agency is looking to recruit a Procurement and Contract Officer at its headquarters in Brussels.


HEALTHINF 2021, the 14th International Conference on Health Informatics, takes place on 11-13 February 2021.

Adequate minimum wages

The Commission has proposed an EU Directive to ensure that the workers in the Union are protected by adequate minimum wages allowing for a decent living wherever they work.

Poland's Malopolska region: an exercise in brand building

The Malopolska region is one of the growth engines of the Polish economy, boasting a favourable external environment for business, good infrastructure links with the rest of the country as well as with Germany and the Czech Republic, and a pool of well-educated workforce.
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