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EU politics

Latest news about European Union politics.

UK businesses split over Brexit 03 March 2016, 19:32 CET
Divisions in Britain's business community over whether to stay in or leave the EU widened Thursday as the car industry backed the remain campaign while small business owners spoke out against the cost of Brussels red tape.

French minister enters Brexit debate with Calais warning 03 March 2016, 15:18 CET
A French minister's warning that Paris would no longer stop migrants from crossing the Channel if Britain votes to leave the EU won a sceptical response from pro-Brexit campaigners Thursday who dismissed it as scaremongering.

Greece finance minister warns huge bailout risks failure 02 March 2016, 20:51 CET
Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos warned Wednesday that his country's massive bailout programme could fail if the EU and IMF persist in delaying the completion of a crucial review.

British PM challenges Brexit supporters to admit risks 28 February 2016, 02:22 CET
Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday challenged supporters of a British exit from the European Union to admit the risks involved, as the battle for votes stepped up ahead of the June referendum.

Kosovo presidential vote violence 'extremely worrying': EU 27 February 2016, 12:22 CET
Scenes of violence at Kosovo's parliament during which opposition MPs released tear gas to prevent the election of a new president were "extremely worrying", the European Union said on Saturday.

British anti-EU leader to back 'no' vote in Dutch polls 27 February 2016, 12:45 CET
Leading British eurosceptic Nigel Farage will visit the Netherlands in April to help whip up support for a key Dutch referendum aimed at opposing an EU cooperation deal with Ukraine.

Dutch win approval to renew beef exports to US 29 February 2016, 20:32 CET
The Netherlands has won US approval to renew exports of beef and veal to the United States, ending a ban imposed almost two decades ago because mad cow disease.

EU appeals ruling against Morocco trade deal 26 February 2016, 17:49 CET
The EU said on Friday it has appealed a ruling by the bloc's top court that a farm trade deal with Morocco was illegal, after Rabat suspended all ties with Brussels in protest.

UK's EU referendum highlights pitfalls of polling 26 February 2016, 11:34 CET
Who will win? That's the question everyone is asking before Britain's June 23 referendum on whether to leave the European Union -- but pollsters are struggling to provide convincing pointers.

Britain to urge G20 to warn of Brexit: FT 26 February 2016, 00:02 CET
Britain is to call on G20 finance ministers gathering in China from Friday to highlight the dangers posed if the country left the European Union, the Financial Times reported.

EU ends Belarus sanctions 25 February 2016, 18:29 CET
The European Union on Thursday formally lifted nearly all of its sanctions against Belarus, including President Alexander Lukashenko, citing improvements in the country's human rights record.

Euro-MPs urge Saudi arms embargo 25 February 2016, 18:27 CET
Members of the European Parliament on Thursday called for an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia over its military campaign in conflict-torn Yemen which has caused "thousands of deaths."

Brexit could mean 10 years' economic uncertainty: business chief 25 February 2016, 13:17 CET
Britain could face a decade of economic uncertainty if it leaves the European Union, a senior business leader has warned ahead of a membership referendum on June 23.

Britain at UN registers EU deal to avoid 'Brexit' 25 February 2016, 00:42 CET
Britain on Wednesday registered at the United Nations the special status deal it negotiated with the European Union ahead of the June 23 referendum on membership in the EU bloc.

EU court can't overturn 'irreversible' British deal: Tusk 24 February 2016, 16:46 CET
EU president Donald Tusk insisted on Wednesday that the bloc's top court cannot overrule Britain's renegotiation deal, weighing into a debate between Prime Minister David Cameron and a top minister.

Czech PM sees 'Czexit' debate if Britain leaves EU: report 23 February 2016, 16:17 CET
The Czech prime minister said Tuesday he expects a debate on his country leaving the European Union if Britain chooses to quit the 28-member bloc in a June referendum.

Sterling plunges to near 7-year low against dollar on Brexit fears 22 February 2016, 16:42 CET
The pound sterling plunged to a near seven-year low against the dollar in Monday trading on concerns about the possibility of Britain voting to leave the European Union in a June referendum.

'Brexit' could leave Britain vulnerable: Europol 22 February 2016, 16:32 CET
Britain's citizens could be left more vulnerable to attacks by terror groups and organised crime gangs if they decide to leave the European Union, the continent's policing agency warned Monday.

Boris and Dave: EU vote campaign takes personal turn 22 February 2016, 22:21 CET
Boris Johnson's backing for Brexit pits him directly against Prime Minister David Cameron -- an old acquaintance who won the job that many thought the charismatic mayor of London was always destined for.

Italy's Renzi 'hungry' for change in Europe 22 February 2016, 15:17 CET
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Monday defended his score card after two years in power and said he was "hungry" to push on with reforms at home and in Europe.

Key voices in Britain's EU referendum debate 22 February 2016, 22:47 CET
The rival campaigns for Britain to leave the European Union or stay part of the 28-member bloc are taking shape ahead of the June 23 referendum.

EU says will not campaign in 'Brexit' vote 22 February 2016, 13:22 CET
The European Commission said on Monday it would not take part in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU ahead of an in-out referendum in June.

EU refuses to send observers to Congo vote: statement 21 February 2016, 18:57 CET
The European Union has decided not to send observers to the Republic of Congo to monitor a controversial presidential election set for March 20, according to a statement seen by AFP Sunday.

Boris Johnson: joker mayor who dreams of leading Britain 21 February 2016, 23:26 CET
London Mayor Boris Johnson has long been both ally and nemesis to Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron but dealt his old friend the heaviest blow yet Sunday by backing the campaign to leave the EU.

Cameron faces UKIP as 'Brexit' campaigning begins 21 February 2016, 07:12 CET
Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday begins the daunting challenge of persuading his country to stay in the European Union, after announcing a June 23 referendum on its membership of the bloc.