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European Parliament News

Lates news and information from the European Parliament.

MEPs back reform of EU carbon trading scheme 16 February 2017, 00:30 CET
The EU Parliament approved plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions through the EU carbon market Wednesday, aiming to fulfil EU obligations under the Paris climate change agreement.

EU Parliament gives green light to trade deal with Canada 15 February 2017, 18:58 CET
The European Parliament gave its approval to the landmark EU-Canada free trade deal Wednesday, with the possibility that it could apply provisionally from as early as this April.

Dieselgate: MEPs tighten EU car 'type approval' rules 13 February 2017, 17:58 CET
The EU Parliament's Internal Market committee amended EU car 'type approval' rules Thursday, in a drive to prevent a recurrence of the VW emissions scandal and make environmental and safety testing more independent.

Recycling target should be 70 pct, say Euro-MPs 26 January 2017, 22:12 CET
70 per cent of waste should be recycled by 2030 - from 44% today - a European Parliament committee said Tuesday, with landfill, which has a big environmental impact, being limited to 5 per cent.

MEPs reject weak Commission money-laundering blacklist 22 January 2017, 12:33 CET
MEPs voted Thursday to reject the EU Commission's blacklist of countries deemed to be at risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, saying the list was too limited, and should be expanded.

European Parliament elects Tajani as its new president 18 January 2017, 23:48 CET
Euro-MPs elected Antonio Tajani, an Italian member of the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), as their new president on Tuesday, to succeed Martin Schulz.

MEPs call for code of ethics for robots 12 January 2017, 20:09 CET
MEPs called Thursday for EU-wide rules for the fast-evolving field of robotics, to settle issues such as compliance with ethical standards and liability for accidents involving driverless cars.

MEPs call for protection for whistleblowers 10 January 2017, 00:10 CET
A committee of the European Parliament called on the Commission Monday to urgently propose an "effective and comprehensive European whistleblower protection programme".

Euro-MPs back new rules to boost rail travel 15 December 2016, 22:52 CET
Public contracts to supply domestic passenger rail services in EU Member States will normally have to be put out to tender under new rules backed by the European Parliament on Wednesday.

MEPs back cross-border portability for films 01 December 2016, 11:49 CET
MEPs gave their backing Tuesday to cross-border portability of online music, games, films and sporting events, allowing travellers to enjoy subscriber content while abroad in another EU Member State.

Roaming: MEPs vote to cap network wholesale prices 30 November 2016, 13:46 CET
The end to mobile roaming charges came a step closer Tuesday when Members of the European Parliament voted to cap the wholesale prices telecoms operators charge each other for using their networks.

Euro-MPs urge bolder action to end illegal wildlife trade 24 November 2016, 20:28 CET
The European Parliament called Thursday for a full and immediate EU-wide ban on ivory and rhinoceros horn trade, and common sanctions at EU level against wildlife trafficking.

EU Parliament calls for freeze on Turkey membership talks 24 November 2016, 18:40 CET
The European Parliament called Thursday for a temporary freeze on EU accession talks with Turkey until "disproportionate repressive measures" under the country's state of emergency are lifted.

EU imposes due diligence on conflict minerals 23 November 2016, 18:24 CET
The EU agreed a draft regulation on 'conflict minerals' Tuesday with the aim of stopping the financing of armed groups and human rights abuses through trade in minerals from conflict areas.

Drones: new EU rules to ensure safety and privacy 13 November 2016, 23:36 CET
The European Parliament's transport committee approved changes to EU aviation safety rules on 10 November which would also include basic safety measures for drones.

MEPs call on Turkey to free journalists 27 October 2016, 23:38 CET
The European Parliament called on Turkish authorities in a resolution adopted on Thursday to free journalists being held "without compelling evidence of criminal activity".

MEPs call for limit on trans fats in food 26 October 2016, 23:18 CET
The European Parliament voted Wednesday for mandatory limits on industrially-produced trans fats, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, infertility, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity.

MEPs call for common EU defence policy 26 October 2016, 01:10 CET
The EU should tackle Europe's deteriorating security by helping its armed forces to work together better, as a first step towards a common defence policy, MEPs on the foreign affairs committee said Monday.

Car emissions: Fiat Chrysler grilled on 'defeat devices' 20 October 2016, 23:16 CET
MEPs on the European Parliament's car emissions inquiry grilled Fiat Chrysler's Chief Technical Officer on possible 'defeat devices' in Fiat diesel engines Monday and the gap between emission values in the lab and real driving conditions.

MEPs call for ivory trade ban and EU penalties 13 October 2016, 23:20 CET
The European Parliament's environment committee called Thursday for a full and immediate EU-wide ban on ivory and rhinoceros horn trade, and common sanctions at EU level against wildlife trafficking.

MEPs oppose Commission plans to authorise five GMOs 06 October 2016, 23:12 CET
Members of the European Parliament voiced strong opposition Thursday to EU Commission plans to authorise five GMO products, calling for reform of the EU's GMO authorisation procedure.

EU tightens ban on equipment used for torture 05 October 2016, 00:45 CET
The European Parliament approved Tuesday revised EU rules to prevent trade in goods and services that may contribute to torture or execution, such as electric chairs or spiked batons.

MEPs debate changes to car type-approval rules 29 September 2016, 22:39 CET
Plans to tighten up EU car 'type approval' rules in the wake of the Volkswagen (VW) scandal were debated by members of the European Parliament's Internal Market committee on Thursday.

Brexit risk to Euro economy remains: ECB's Draghi 27 September 2016, 23:41 CET
The eurozone economy has been resilient to global and political uncertainty, particularly to the UK's Brexit vote, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi told Euro-MPs Monday, but risks to the economic outlook remain.

Euro-MPs back trade deal with six African countries 15 September 2016, 12:28 CET
The European Parliament approved an agreement Wednesday granting duty-free access to the EU for products from Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho, and improved market access for South Africa.