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China and the EU

Latest news about China and the European Union.The EU-China Strategic Partnership, which is based on the 1985 EU China trade and cooperation agreement, has grown to include foreign affairs, security matters and international challenges such as climate change and global economy governance. The EU and China are world players. The EU is China’s biggest trading partner, while China is the EU’s largest source of imports and 2nd largest two way trading partner. The trade and investment relationship is a major source of wealth, jobs, development and innovation for both sides.

EU - China partnership on 5G 28 September 2015, 22:49 CET
The EU and China have signed a milestone agreement in the global race to develop 5G networks, during today's EU-China High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue in Beijing.

EU businesses warn China over 'slow' reforms 08 September 2015, 17:06 CET
The main European business lobby in China warned Tuesday that "slow" implementation of market reforms risks plunging the country into stagnation, as concerns mount about slowing growth in the world's second-largest economy.

Chinese premier urges Greece to stay in euro 01 July 2015, 16:11 CET
China wants Greece to stay in the euro and is ready to offer support on the debt crisis, Premier Li Keqiang said Monday, as Athens faces a referendum that could see it leave the single currency.

China's UN climate pledges 'expected': state media 29 June 2015, 13:03 CET
China is expected to unveil its long-awaited national pledges to reduce carbon emissions beyond 2020, a state-run newspaper said Monday, as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Belgium and France ahead of a Paris climate summit.

EU business confidence in China at new low: survey 10 June 2015, 18:32 CET
European companies are losing confidence in China's economy, a lobby group survey said on Wednesday, with many firms planning to lay off staff as Beijing struggles to boost growth and embarks in an anti-monopoly drive.

EU opens China solar industry dumping probe 29 May 2015, 15:48 CET
EU regulators opened Friday a probe into the solar power panel industry in China, in response to accusations that Chinese companies were dodging import duties by exporting via Taiwan and Malaysia.

China says rare earths export quota scrapped after WTO ruling 20 May 2015, 18:18 CET
China on Wednesday told the World Trade Organization that it had scrapped a quota system limiting exports of rare earth minerals after complaints by the US, EU and Japan.

Chinese thieves get five years for EUR 453,000 Monaco ring scam 14 May 2015, 00:22 CET
A French court on Wednesday handed three Chinese thieves five-year jail terms for stealing a ring worth nearly half a million euros from a Monaco jewellery store and replacing it with a fake.

Uncertainty over UK role in EU could choke Asian investment: analysts 13 May 2015, 10:59 CET
Uncertainty over Britain's future in Europe is unsettling Asian investors, analysts say, warning if voters opt in a referendum to leave the EU, the United Kingdom would lose a major drawcard for attracting foreign money.

Britain to stay in EU: Mogherini 06 May 2015, 13:04 CET
Britain will stay in the European Union, the 28-nation group's top diplomat predicted Wednesday, a day ahead of an election in which incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a referendum on membership.

EU, China stress scope for stepped up security, climate cooperation 06 May 2015, 00:31 CET
The European Union and China on Tuesday expressed a desire to deepen cooperation on international security, diplomacy and climate change, though human rights appeared to remain a sensitive issue.

Europe solar firms accuse China of dodging import duties 29 April 2015, 15:02 CET
European firms on Wednesday accused Chinese solar panel makers of dodging hundreds of millions of euros in import duties and called on the European Union to launch an investigation.

EU demands China 'review' Chinese journalist Gao Yu's trial 17 April 2015, 23:52 CET
The European Union on Friday demanded that China "review" the trial of 71-year-old Chinese journalist Gao Yu, who has been sentenced to seven years prison after being convicted of leaking state secrets.

Macedonia PM accused of taking EUR 20m bribe 26 March 2015, 19:31 CET
Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev on Thursday accused conservative Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of accepting a 20-million-euro bribe from Chinese firms to grant them motorways construction concessions.

EU slaps anti-dumping duties on China, Taiwan steel 25 March 2015, 17:00 CET
The EU announced Wednesday it will impose anti-dumping duties for six months on some steel imports from China and Taiwan as a new trade row erupted between Brussels and Beijing.

China denies seeking veto power in new bank 25 March 2015, 11:47 CET
China has not sought veto power over a new multilateral bank, a top finance ministry official said Wednesday, after a report Beijing enticed major European countries to join by offering to give up control over decisions.

Cheap eurozone takeaway fuels Chinese appetites 25 March 2015, 11:36 CET
The inexorable decline of the single currency offers ambitious Chinese firms a bargain buffet of eurozone business, analysts say, with this weekend's multibillion deal for Italian tyremaker Pirelli only the latest course in an acquisition binge.

'Made in China' tops EU list of unsafe products 24 March 2015, 14:03 CET
From toy-shaped cigarette lighters to a short-circuting plush rabbit that catches fire, a European safety watchdog warned Monday of a growing number of dangerous products for sale, with most coming from China.

China shoppers gain appetite for Chanel on euro drop 20 March 2015, 10:22 CET
Chinese shoppers are mobbing Chanel stores and counting their savings after the French fashion house slashed handbag prices in the world's biggest luxury market due to the slumping euro.

European AIIB decisions a blow to US: Chinese media 18 March 2015, 12:44 CET
Chinese state media took a victory lap on Wednesday, gloating over the decision of major European powers to join a Beijing-backed multinational lender that the United States perceives as a threat to the Washington-led World Bank.

Humanity at 'five to midnight' on climate: EP head 17 March 2015, 17:39 CET
Time is running out for the world to achieve a climate change agreement, the president of the European Parliament said Tuesday ahead of a key United Nations meeting in Paris later this year.

WTO rules against China in row with EU, Japan over steel pipes 15 February 2015, 18:45 CET
A WTO panel largely ruled Friday against China in its row with the European Union and Japan over Chinese anti-dumping duties on imports of steel pipes.

ECB QE could cause "competitive depreciation": China 29 January 2015, 10:57 CET
The European Central Bank's new quantitative easing (QE) measures could trigger "competitive depreciation" of currencies around the world, China's commerce ministry warned Thursday.

ECB stimulus will boost China's exports 23 January 2015, 21:43 CET
A senior Chinese official welcomed the European Central Bank's quantitative easing measures on Friday, saying they will help boost the eurozone economy and in turn benefit China's exports.

EU risks China solar power row flare-up 09 January 2015, 18:00 CET
The Commission has risked reopening a bitter feud with China over solar panel manufacturing after confirming on Thursday it had launched a fresh trade probe into a key part of the sector.