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Alternative fuel vehicle registrations - Quarter 2 2017 08 September 2017, 00:13 CET
In the second quarter of 2017, EU demand for alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) continued the positive momentum from the first quarter.

Bremain in Spain Reacts to Leaked Home Office Immigration Plans 07 September 2017, 23:59 CET
Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain, reacts to the immigration plans leaked from the Home Office this week. These plans outlined controversial changes to UK immigration rules post-Brexit.

First generation biofuels are just as sustainable as second generation – both show significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions 07 September 2017, 23:37 CET
A comprehensive sustainability assessment carried out by nova-Institute shows that first generation bioethanol is as advantageous as second generation bioethanol for a feasible climate strategy. The results clearly indicate that the systematic discrimination against first generation biofuels of the current Commission proposal is in no way founded on scientific evidence. It would be counterproductive to further lower the share of first generation fuels in the EU’s energy mix.

EuroCommerce: protectionism, Europe's greatest challenge 06 September 2017, 23:12 CET
Speaking at the Finnish Commerce Federation conference in Helsinki today on trends in retail and wholesale, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren highlighted the challenges facing the sector due to a rising tide of protectionism worldwide and within Europe:

Google and Bertelsmann fund 75,000 new Udacity scholarships across Europe 06 September 2017, 23:04 CET
Google and Bertelsmann announced Tuesday that they are to fund 75,000 scholarships through Udacity to provide free technology education to residents of Europe and beyond. The launch builds on the success of last year’s programme, where 70,000 people applied for 10,000 Udacity scholarships.

Bankability and profitability of PPP infrastructure projects in the Benelux region 04 September 2017, 20:51 CET
SMi Reports: Benelux Infrastructure Forum will offer guidance and advice to help with identifying bankable and investment-ready projects region.

Spanish Air Force, Air Mobility Command Chief to Present at SMi's 18th Military Airlift Conference 21 August 2017, 23:18 CET
SMi Reports: Senior representation from hosting nation to present at 18th Annual Military Airlift Conference

Energy Storage poised to be a lucrative market in the Benelux 16 August 2017, 18:13 CET
SMi Reports: Industry leaders will gather at the Benelux Infrastructure Forum this November to discuss the latest developments in in energy storage infrastructure.

Launch of Seligo at RWM, a greener digital platform for waste treatment & recycling 16 August 2017, 17:40 CET
In Europe only 41% of waste was optimised in 2015 (Eurostat 2015). Landfill use may be in decline, but there are still obstacles preventing a better approach to waste treatment and recycling.

PNR: EU Court rules that draft EU-Canada air passenger data deal is unacceptable 15 August 2017, 20:51 CET
On 26 July 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) confirmed that the EU/Canada deal on collection of air travellers' data and sharing it breaches European law. This is the third time that the European Court has ruled against arrangements for mandatory storage of personal data.

Project Financing Calais Harbour and Amsterdam Court House: Solutions and Challenges 03 August 2017, 11:30 CET
SMi Reports: A review of the financing methods for Calais Harbour and Amsterdam Court House will be featured at the 16th Annual Benelux Infrastructure conference.

EuroCommerce warns on rising tide of protectionism 25 July 2017, 18:24 CET
The IMF has issued its latest six-monthly World Economic Outlook, which again marked a continued shift towards protectionism in advanced economies.

BarTender® Named a Top Logistics Technology Solution Provider 25 July 2017, 11:44 CET
Seagull Scientific announced today that CIO Applications magazine has selected Seagull's BarTender® software for the publication's prestigious list of the top 25 logistics technology solutions providers.

Press release on the Interim Report of the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance 21 July 2017, 00:09 CET
The members of the Global Green Finance Council (GGFC) support the transition to a sustainable economy and, during a recent meeting, welcomed the interim report of the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on sustainable finance. The financial sector can indeed play a key role in this transition especially by enabling the mobilisation and allocation of the considerable capital that will be required to finance it.

Commission commits to create long-awaited social package in aviation with ETF and ECA 20 July 2017, 22:35 CET
The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the European Cockpit Association (ECA) met with the Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and the Employment Commissioner Marianne Thyssen for talks on the many and diverse social challenges facing the hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals they represent. Following those discussions, ETF and ECA warmly welcome the joint commitment made by the Commissioners to deliver a social package for aviation in 2018 and to bring the Juncker Commission’s social pillar to life in the aviation sector.

SMEs call for a different approach on work-life balance 19 July 2017, 13:02 CET
Today, at the informal Ministers' Meeting for Labour and Social affairs in Tallinn, Secretary General Véronique Willems explains why UEAPME rejects the proposal on work-life balance.

Copyright votes in CULT and ITRE: Filtering, blocking & half-baked compromises 14 July 2017, 12:05 CET
On 11 July, two Committees in the European Parliament voted on their Opinions on European Commission's proposal for a Copyright Directive: the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and the Committee onIndustry, Research and Energy (ITRE).

EU Commission decides to take Poland to court for failing to protect Bialowieza Forest 13 July 2017, 23:57 CET
WWF applauds today's decision by the European Commission to take Poland to European Court of Justice because of the increased logging in the Bialowieza Forest in breach of EU law.

Improving Energy Security in Europe: The Role of Infrastructure Investment 11 July 2017, 18:14 CET
The global sphere is facing increased debate and discussion surrounding the use of renewable energy sources and environmental protections. New projects including battery energy storage, wind farms, and solar panels support the drive for clean energy and put pressure on countries relying upon unsustainable means.

Copa and Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope welcome political agreement on EU- Japan trade deal 06 July 2017, 21:48 CET
Copa and Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope welcome the announcement made at today´s EU-Japan Summit on the 'in principle' agreement of an EU-Japan trade agreement, saying that an ambitious trade deal will have a significant positive impact on both economies.

MEPs call for EU strategy on Sustainable Development Goals 06 July 2017, 17:05 CET
The European Parliament today called on the Commission to produce an EU implementation strategy for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to analyse the gaps in policies that could impact their achievement.

Biggest EU investors are partly aligned with Paris Agreement, but more efforts needed 05 July 2017, 23:01 CET
The EU's biggest investors are partly aligned with the Paris agreement's climate target of keeping global warming well under 2°C but still invest too much in coal, the first ever such analysis, carried out by WWF, shows.

Automobile industry calls for balanced outcome in EU-Japan FTA 05 July 2017, 22:52 CET
Ahead of a bilateral EU-Japan summit this week to conclude negotiations on a free trade agreement, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) calls on negotiators to ensure a balanced outcome for the European automobile sector.

EU-Japan trade deal smacks of corporate protectionism, Greenpeace 05 July 2017, 22:25 CET
According to media reports, the European Commission and Japan have reached an agreement which closes negotiations on most parts of the EU’s biggest bilateral trade deal to date.

Nord LB, SMBC, and NN Investment Partners B.V. to discuss optimal profitability from alternative energy sources 04 July 2017, 14:06 CET
Outdated modes of energy sourcing and dependence on external supplies drive a need to strengthen European energy security. New forms of energy and updated infrastructure through renewable energy would serve to remedy this reliance on energy suppliers and strengthen Europe’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.