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Business news and information from the European Union

French practice on out-of-print books against copyright directive: EU Court 17 November 2016, 00:55 CET
The EU's copyright directive protects the rights of authors against exploitation through the digital reproduction of out-of-print books, the eU's top court ruled on Wednesday.

EU slaps more anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel, iron 16 November 2016, 00:54 CET
The EU is to impose provisional anti-dumping duties on seamless pipes and tubes of iron and steel from China - typically used in power plants and in the oil and gas industry.

EU moves to strengthen NATO and defence partnership 16 November 2016, 00:52 CET
EU foreign affairs ministers ended a two-day meeting on Tuesday with moves to strengthen Europe's security and defence and its partnership with NATO.

Border controls extended 3 months 14 November 2016, 23:44 CET
The EU has extended controls at certain internal Schengen borders - Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, where controls already take place - for a further three months.

EU agrees deep-sea fish quotas for 2017-18 14 November 2016, 23:44 CET
The EU Council agreed Monday on total allowable catches and quotas for deep-sea stocks in the EU and international waters in the North-East Atlantic for 2017 and 2018.

Drones: new EU rules to ensure safety and privacy 13 November 2016, 23:36 CET
The European Parliament's transport committee approved changes to EU aviation safety rules on 10 November which would also include basic safety measures for drones.

Brussels mulls action on aggressive tax planning 11 November 2016, 00:05 CET
The European Commission launched a public consultation Thursday to gather feedback on the way forward for EU action on advisers and intermediaries who facilitate tax evasion and tax avoidance.

EU sets out vision for world's oceans 10 November 2016, 23:09 CET
The European Union set out its vision for better ocean governance Thursday, with a joint agenda of actions to secure the effective conservation and sustainable use of the global seas and oceans.

EFSA finalises guidance on novel and traditional food 10 November 2016, 22:35 CET
The EU's food safety authority published Thursday guidance documents on novel food and traditional food from third countries to help ensure these foods are safe before marketing them in Europe.

Brussels proposes new anti-dumping measures 10 November 2016, 11:23 CET
The Commission proposed Wednesday changes to the EU's anti-dumping and anti-subsidy legislation to deal with over-capacity and a changing international legal framework.

Brexit, political uncertainty reel back EU growth forecasts 10 November 2016, 11:23 CET
The EU Commission trimmed its growth forecast for the European economy Wednesday, with political uncertainty, Brexit and weak global trade weighing on growth prospects.

Turkey 'moving away from the EU': enlargement report 10 November 2016, 11:22 CET
Turkey is moving away from the EU, the Commission warns in its annual assessment of potential EU members' progress in implementing political and economic reforms.

Bank lender can be penalised for not including all information: EU Court 10 November 2016, 00:32 CET
Failure by a lender to include essential information in its credit agreement with a consumer could deprive the lender of entitlement to interest and charges, the EU's top court has ruled.

EU tax havens blacklist set for end 2017 09 November 2016, 18:15 CET
EU finance ministers agreed Tuesday on the criteria and process for establishing an EU list of tax havens, or non-cooperative jurisdictions in taxation matters, with a view to finalising a list by the end of 2017.

EU on course to reach 2020 target: EEA report 09 November 2016, 13:16 CET
Emissions across the European Union in 2015 were 22 per cent lower than 1990 levels, despite a slight increase compared to 2014, according to new reports from the European Environment Agency.

'Difficult moment' in EU-US relations as EU congratulates Trump 09 November 2016, 13:13 CET
The presidents of the European Union's three main institutions congratulated Donald Trump Wednesday on his election as the next President of the United States.

Call for vigilance over bird flu in Europe 08 November 2016, 23:59 CET
The European Commission called Tuesday for vigilance by EU Member States' authorities and Europe's poultry sector and said bio-security needed to be stepped up on poultry farms.

Hungarian ad tax 'breaches EU State aid rules' 08 November 2016, 17:02 CET
The Hungarian advertisement tax is in breach of EU State aid rules, the European Commission has found, because its progressive tax rates grant a selective advantage to certain companies.

UK Court ruling puts Brexit on hold 08 November 2016, 00:44 CET
Theresa May does not have the power to give notice to withdraw from EU membership without consulting Parliament, the High Court ruled Thursday, arousing the anger of Britain's anti-EU politicians.

Paris climate agreement enters into force 08 November 2016, 00:43 CET
The Paris Agreement on climate change entered legally into force Friday following the EU's ratification, just days before the start of the UN climate conference in Marrakesh.

Eurogroup reports progress on Greece, Cyprus 08 November 2016, 00:40 CET
EU finance ministers heard positive reports on Greece's moves towards economic stability and the recovery of the Cypriot economy at their meeting in Brussels on Monday.

Brussels approves EUR 222m funding for green projects 05 November 2016, 00:16 CET
The European Commission approved funding of some EUR 222.7 million Thursday for 144 new projects to support the EU's transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

EU signs CETA trade deal with Canada 31 October 2016, 00:05 CET
EU leaders and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Brussels Sunday to sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA).

Brussels presents Atlantic and North Sea fish quotas 29 October 2016, 11:42 CET
The European Commission presented its proposal Thursday for 2017 fishing quotas in the Atlantic and the North Sea, in preparation for the Fisheries Council in December.

Brussels set to act on antimicrobial resistance 29 October 2016, 11:39 CET
The EU is to bring out a new action plan next year to combat antimicrobial resistance - the ability of micro-organisms to resist antimicrobial treatments, especially antibiotics.