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Library of documents, including press releases, newsletters, reports, links, policy papers and studies.

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Title Creator Item Type Creation Date
Ketenci & Ketenci ketencilaw Page 29 July 2015, 11:30 CET
Ketenci & Ketenci ketencilaw Page 27 July 2015, 14:22 CET
Ketenci & Ketenci - International legal practice ketencilaw Page 27 July 2015, 13:43 CET
Why Insolvency Matters eub2 Page 21 July 2015, 16:25 CET
EU Energy Label overhaul will simplify sustainable shopping anec Press 16 July 2015, 16:28 CET
Developments in collectively agreed working time 2014 eub2 Book 16 July 2015, 16:23 CET
"New Deal for Europe's Energy Consumers" sees light of day BEUC Press 16 July 2015, 00:06 CET
Emission Trading System: Post-2020 reform must be rescued from redundancy WWF Press 15 July 2015, 23:46 CET
European Parliament pushes for more surveillance and profiling of EU citizens EDRi Press 15 July 2015, 23:42 CET
ENVI Committee calls for cleaner air epha Press 15 July 2015, 23:40 CET
A Union created for citizens - programme of the Luxembourg Presidency eub2 Book 09 July 2015, 16:08 CET
EU must get real on carbon pollution pricing WWF Press 08 July 2015, 18:16 CET
European Parliament safeguards health in TTIP, says No to 'business as usual' ISDS epha Press 08 July 2015, 18:11 CET
European Patent Office revokes Altor BioScience patent testbiotech Press 07 July 2015, 16:39 CET
Is the ECB "expropriating" savers? - Critique of accommodating central bank policies and the 'expropriation of the saver' eub2 Book 07 July 2015, 16:27 CET
Telmat Industrie has just launched in the UK its new automatic body measurement system: The SYMCAD III 3D Body Scanner ubi Press 06 July 2015, 16:17 CET
Business groups divided over merits of Britain's EU membership redflagalert Press 02 July 2015, 16:55 CET
Mixed outcome of new EU consumer insurance market law BEUC Press 01 July 2015, 19:10 CET
Services Directive: Points of Single Contact underperforming, study reveals eurochambres Press 30 June 2015, 19:08 CET
Greece: European banks underline importance of eurozone cohesion ebffbe Press 30 June 2015, 18:45 CET